Looking unto Jesus. (Heb 12:2)

Usually in the world today people move around with a burden behind their backs, heads or hands

It is imminent that responsibilities are carried out or else we don’t get to catch up with our peer because truth be told most times out mates are used as our measuring stick for progress in terms of affluence, looks, possession, provision or even personality.

However we are instructed to be “Looking unto Jesus”. This command talks about a continuous process of life focus which I would discuss soonest. I’ll take these three words and explain on them.

Looking unto Jesus..

A present and future tense that explains being deliberate or being stubborn. If you were to climb a mountain with a bag pack and you were told that all the benefits you will get at the top of the mountain I’m sure many of us through the journey will keep looking down while climbing. Not because down is convenient but because of the fear of falling or being pulled down or being scorned, fears and doubts may creep in. Only at selective times would we look up. Even when you walk around for example you”ll discover you look to the ground or side More than you look to the sky… That’s the nature of man but we were warned to keep our focus on Christ so that our body would he full of light ( Matt6:22). I have learnt a few concepts about light it could mean information, knowledge, power, illumination etc and all of these helps to give shape, purpose, color, definition, etc…. To what we are doing. We need to keep looking because that’s how we we can find (Matt7:7). It is therefore necessary that we look to Jesus as our destination and purpose because the odds can’t kill us but can birth strength in us.

Jesus is waiting for you to use your will power to look beyond the present circumstance and drive through your troubles to His rest. Its in your power to look and see. Don’t hold back.

Prayer: Lord I thank you for this chance and I pray you strengthen me to use my right in you, that my focus would be you as my everything. Help me and don’t let me fall or faint in Jesus name. Amen.