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Zamar born Ugochi Ijoma-Wosu, releases her sophomore single titled “Baba God” which is also her second song for the year featuring the vocal powerhouse Henrisoul.

“Baba God” is a song of pure thanksgiving drawn from Isaiah 43:21. The song which is produced by the super gifted E-mex features Zamar dropping hot bars and Henri Soul at his vocal best as they both give praises to the Almighty God. As the year ends it’s time to declare praise to Baba God, for He has been good and is still good.

Zamar’s prayer with this song is that even in troubled waters and in the midst of some unanswered prayers, we would not lose our voice of thanksgiving.

Zamar aim is to affect generations positively and wins souls for Christ through her music, bringing forth the message of hope with the support of her family and local Church KICC Festac and her Pastor Joe and Tayo Ohiku.


Almighty God – Jerry Levites prod. By @Lanresings



Jerry Eledan Collins, Well Known As Jerry Levites Is a Multi-Talented Singer/Drummer, A Song Writer, An Inspirational Speaker And a Compere Who Hails From Edo State Nigeria.

Jerry Levites started his music career at his early age, and the passion he has for music yielded result by winning his first award at the age of 11 as the best over all at the singing competition held at his secondary school and between then and now he has professionally standout in his music career by ministreing in different churches and ministries as a music minister and he has worked with music celebrities like Kenny saint brow, Ngozi orji, RighteousMan etc.

In thanking God for the Grace to witness another year to his years on earth, he has written and dedicated his song “Almighty God” to his Maker and to the blessing of God’s people by unveiling the song on his birthday November 11th 2018 knowing fully well that the song will minister life to everyone to the glory of God.

Download the song ———-

Nat Abbey is set to release his latest single titled “Wo Nkoa” (Only You)

The award winning Gospel Minister and Recording Artist, Mins. Nat Abbey is set to release his latest single titled “Wo Nkoa” (Only You) ahead of his 3rd Album Launch and DVD recording in 7th December.

Mins. Nat Abbey after his tour in Nigeria in September this year, is set to release this spirit-filled and groovy song on Monday 26th November 2018 on all digital store.

Behind every song there’s a story.
I lost my mum in June this year, which nearly cost me my relationship with God but in the midst of the pain and agony the Holy Spirit whispered in my ears and spoke to my heart that, “He’s the closest friend I ever know”.
This was the beginning of the birthing of “Wo Nkoa” – Mins Nat Abbey
He also added that it is his desire that everyone who have gone through pain, shame and neglect will find solice, inspiration and revival by this song.

This song is a testimony of the song writer.

You can follow him on his social media handles for more updates before the release on 26th November 2018.

Facebook: Nat Abbey Gh
Instagram: natabbeyofficial
Youtube: Towdah Praise

Midnight crew is set to release two singles to mark their 17th year anniversary. | @mikeabdulng

The multi-award wining gospel crew, Midnight crew is set to release two singles to mark their 17th year anniversary.

This crew was founded 8th November, the group has several albums to its credit. Midnight Crew’s music can be described as eclectic, robust and full of character, taking something from every genre of music available to its four proprietors.The proprietors of the group, PATRICIA UWAJE KING, GBENGA OYEBOLA, ODUNAYO OJO and MIKE ABDUL have served in a number of choirs, amassing a wealth of experience for the task ahead.

Midnight Crew has enjoyed several enviable platforms alongside a number of gospel music greats around the world; Lionel Peterson, Mary-Mary, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Panam Percy Paul, Kurt Carr, Ron Kenoly, Bob Fitts, Ebenezer Obey, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett, Sammie Okposo, Fred Hammond and Don Moen.


GOOD GOD by Midnight Crew is your typical thanksgiving-worship-praise song.
Performed by the Midnight Crew trademark voice of Pat Uwaje-King and Odunayo Ojo-Onasanya, the Midnight Crew ladies bring Makossa to life.
Vibrant, rhythmic and contagious, GOOD GOD by Midnight Crew is a praise experience you won’t let go.




CONGRATULATIONS by Midnight Crew puts you in the spotlight of celebration.

In that spotlight, your dance and eulogies are given to JEHOVAH, the source of your testimonies.

We see you in that spotlight real soon and believe all Glory and Praise will go the right way.

Performed by the men of Midnight Crew, Olugbenga Oyebola and Mike Abdul invite you to the band stand.




Sandra Okhuebor Ayeni well-known as Sand has released a new song “Praise His Name” .

This song is an expression of Undiluted worship of God with a perfect combination of Vocal dexterity and Spiritual Authority. God is pleased and shows up to meet us at the point of our need when we chant about him.

She’s God’s minstrel to Watchout for.

Produced by: Ife Keyz

Recorded: The Tigris Studio

Listen Download Now


Tosino Freeman is a Gospel/Inspirational Artist with a vision to touch and inspire humanity via his music. He is a lover of God and has found joy in making Gospel Sounds that will shake the world and take over the streets for God. To attest to this, is the release of what he called “Kokoro” (means key). A song that describes God as the key to having all your needs met.

What are your needs or want! Is it a miracle house, job, car, child, wife, peace, joy, gold, silver or land! Name it!! And allow this song to show you the way. Stay blessed as you enjoy this fresh street Gospel Sound “Kokoro”.



I don get my kokoro (oh way)
U don get ur kokoro (oh way)
Na God be my kokoro
Na God be ur kokoro
Na God be we kokoro (oh way)

It is there in the Bible
My God walked upon water
He makes the blind to see
He raised the dead (han han)
There’s nothing he can’t do
If only you keep believing
I don’t know about your struggles
He’ll see you through (han han)
Se na house that u want
Na car that u want
Na Child that you want
Abi na joy that u want
Na peace that u want
Na Wife that u want
Just ask for the keys
Just ask for the keys
He will give it all
Just ask for the keys
Just ask for the keys
He will give it all

Chorus repeat 2x

My brothers my sisters
U need not to worry
I know u dey hustle
U’ll make it through (han han)
Cast away ur sorrow
It’s a new day
And put ur trust in him
He nor dey fail (han han)
Se na gold that u want
Na silver that u want
Na land that u want
Abi na house that u want
Na car that u want
Na child that u want
Just ask for the keys
Just ask for the keys
He will give it all
Just ask for the keys
Just ask for the keys
He will give it all

Chorus repeat 2x

I’ve got the key
To open up every door (Yea)
His name is Jesus
He’s the alpha and omega
Oh oh oh

Connect with Tosin Freeman on Social Media:

INSTAGRAM: @tosino4eva6
TWITTER: @tosino4eva6
FACEBOOK: tosino freeman
YOUTUBE: tosino freeman


My name is Laura and I am 19 years old. I got admission in a University to study BSc Adult Nursing after passing out from College with Distinctions and a Merit. But Student Finance England (SEE) has refused to approve my student loan application. SFE administers the student loan scheme.
Hon. MP Steve Reed (OBEI sfe student finance england the student finance experts Sfe are misrepresenting the Law, which they sent out to many students and their families saying they are not eligible for Student Loans!
PHONED SFE: My Dad and I googled the actual law and were amazed at the misrepresentations. We phoned them about it, and all they could say is that it is their Policy. However, Acts of Parliament i.e the Laws, are supposed to be supreme and superseded everything including policies.
WROTE SFE: We put our view in writing to them, but got no reply. We contacted our MP Hon. Steve Reed, (OBE) above and sent a copy of the Law to him. He wrote to SFE twice but got no reply. His Office has now raised a complaint. Their behaviour is irreverent to our MP and to MPs in general. SFE has not also responded to our Solicitor. With your support, we will proceed to Court.
CONSEQUENCIES: Social and Economic; The Managers of SFE are well aware that they are fuelling social miscreants, reprobates, scoundrels and criminals who steal phones and watches, mugging people, including our tourists. And generally make negative economic contributions to the Country.
This is because the economic value of anyone increases with education. Above all, the self-worth and self-esteem of youngsters improve dramatically when they attain higher learnings such as in universities. They are therefore unlikely to easily condescend to criminal behaviours.
Let us do something about it, namely;
1) Take the SFE/Managers to Court to obey the Law and 2) Petition Parliament to pass a law preventing anyone working in State establishments from occupying a managerial position when they wilfully disobey the law.
The actions of Managers are not punished even though it constitutes disobedience of the law just as fraud, stealing, traffic violations, etc. As shown above, the effects of what these Managers are doing are grievous and of far-reaching consequences, both to the students and their families, and to Society in general.


donate towards rally.

Kindly Support my PETITION: No managerial posts in State establishments for anyone who refuses to obey the Law:Only U.K residents and citizens can submit Petitions please.

Optional but extremely Welcome : I support the Campaign/Court action with: $/€/f, etc

$/€Other Amount


Nigerian Hip Hop and Gospel Rapper, Omoba, releases his much anticipated New Single “O.P.C.” After the debut Single “Tani Jesu”Produced by Dstylebeats.
  The Gospel Rapper talks about the supremacy of Jesus Christ, his power and dominion.
Speaking about Omoba’s new single ‘O.P.C.’ which means  Ogbologbo Power Of Christ, A gospel hip-hop and rap song. “We are the new soldiers, the warriors and the latest ancestors as Christ is our head and the head of principalities and power (Luke 10:19)
We have His power as sons and we are sent to bring others into his marvelous light by the help of His Spirit. So doing it in hip hop is our way and this is the youth way.
So enjoy this New Song which is available for download and say to your self “O.P.C. LO MO”.
Follow Omoba on Social media Twitter,Facebook & Instagram @omobaofficial03
Jesus Reigns Forever Phil 2:9-11 & 1Cor 3:23.


Download Now


NEW MUSIC: CHINYERE – ”HALLELUJAH” || @chinyereakwueh

After a very successful music concert tagged SOV hosted by CHINYERE on the 26- 2-2018, the vocal power house has followed it up with the release a new sound tiled HALLELUJAH!

Thanking God for all his promises that came into fulfillment. A lot of lives were blessed during this concert which was held in the Great City of BENIN.

Hallelujah is a praise jam inspired by God to bless His people this season.



Yeahhhhh eh Halle Halle Halle

When I think of all the things wey you dey do
When I think of all the blessings on my way
E dey make me want to shout Hallelujah
E dey make me want to shout Halle (2x)

Oya na
I’m counting all my blessings name them one by one .
See what all the Lord has done (2x)

Hallelujah hallelujah what are mighty God we serve hallelujah
Hallelujah hallelujah what are mighty God we serve hallelujah

(repeat verse)
Hallelujah one
Hallelujah two
Jesus you deserve all accolades hallelujah eh
Hallelujah one
Hallelujah two
Jesus you deserve all accolades hallelujah (everybody) (2x)

So I’m counting all my blessings name them one by one.
See what all the Lord has done

(back to chorus)
Common everybody are you ready???

Halle Halle Halle Halle Halle
Halle Halle Halle Halle Halle (Halleluyah)
I feel like praising (Halle)
I feel like shouting (Halle)

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