“Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord”- 2 Peter 1:2

One thing that will make one live a standard life as a believer and live to fullness all that is known with the Christian life is the grace of God- the workings of God in the life of a man. It was grace that saved us, so we can’t live without the grace of God, that’s what birthed us into the kingdom of God.

Everybody has grace at salvation, but this grace need to be multiplied in us to manifest fully the life we have in Christ. And it can be multiplied by the knowledge and revelation of Christ because Christ is the custodian of grace, He is grace himself, all about Him is grace. And we can only know Christ through the word, the pages of the scriptures, as He is the word, everything in the scriptures speaks of Him, it all centers on Him. The more we fellowship with the word, the more we know and see Christ and the more the grace of God increases in our lives. We can’t know more of grace without the knowledge of the word of God. In the word of God, we see the workings of Him and that’s grace.

When we go through the scriptures by hearing, reading, meditating, studying it, doing and preaching it until the word is built in our spirit, with the help of the Holy spirit and our eyes is been opened to see the knowledge in the word, then we increase in grace and we see grace working so supernaturally natural for us. And we can’t have the knowledge of the word by any natural thing, it can only be by the Spirit, the inspiration behind every word and revealer of the word, that’s why we need a relationship and joining with the Holy spirit.

Fellowship also in prayers, worship and praise by the help of the Holy spirit, also multiples grace in us, because that’s where we have connection with the throne of grace.

As we give ourselves to the word may we increase in the knowledge of the word in Jesus name, our eyes of knowledge and understanding is opened in Jesus name.

DECLARATION: The grace of God is multiplied unto me, my knowledge is opened to the word and I give myself to the word in Jesus name.