1. Who is Triumphant radio?
    Triumphant radio is a continental online radio network, with an heaven on earth mandate to bring laughter and joy to homes and the hopeless, “Exodus 15:1” through the online radio. This platform is created for artists to promote their songs to the world, and for live news, program live streaming, messages from the altar, inspirational, devotionals,interview, vendor services and general gospel blog services. The platform also eliminate the use of conventional means of music and book distribution, and help tackle piracy, thereby helping promote the works of our local and international gospel music ministers and books writer.
  2. How do I have Triumphant radio app on my mobile devices?
    Triumphant radio app is available on the Google play store and also on amazon for all android users. This app will give you access to listening to our live programs and also gives you direct access to the site to read our articles and also buy some of our products and service, such as music and books.
  3. How do I promote my music on the blog and on the radio server?
    The benefits are immense. For music promotion on the blog note that when your songs doesn’t meet up with our terms and conditions it won’t be attended to. All songs music adhere to this rules;
    i. Your songs must have a rich content that with bring back the lost souls to Christ.
    ii. You must present your songs in Mp3 format to be on the blog and on the radio
    iii. Send your songs, words about the song and the artistes biography directly to us through the promote music page www.triumphantradio.com/promote-music.
    iv. Note that a certain air time amount will be paid for your services as stated on the
    v. Note that there will be refund of songs if your songs don’t meet up with our
    vi. For the radio air play a speculated time will be given to you that your song will be played. Note the radio service is not limited to music promotion alone, you can send a podcast to us at a reasonable prices.
  4. How do I Purchase an Airtime online?
    The radio service is open for adverts and podcast. Send details about your podcast and your advert to us on hello@triumphantradio.com / triumphantradio@gmail.com. Note that responds will be sent to you within 24hrs.
  5. How do I buy products on the platform?
    Buyers are directed to shop on for available products.
  6. How do I get my physical products?
    Irrespective of locations we render a smooth service delivery through a courier service within the space of five working days. Note all electronic products are delivered directly through the download process.


This service provides selling actives which will make buyers to buy your products. Majorly the products we allow are gospel related and inspirational materials such as books and music. Triumphantradio will love to trigger the reading habit in the young Africans. Music and books can be provided in both physical products and electronic format which will be directed to the buyers on delivery.
Terms and conditions
1. Use of the Website or/and the Services are limited to parties that are 18 years old or older and lawfully can enter into and form contracts under applicable law.
2. The Vendor must provide information required in the registration form, undertaking and the
account form. The Vendor authorizes the Board to verify his or her account respectively.
3. The Vendor is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his unique account and password, and for their use.
4. The Vendor shall bear any losses that occur regarding to the submission of invalid/incorrect data.
5. The Vendor shall not use the Website and/or the Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by this Agreement and legal requirements.
6. Vendor hereby grants to triumphantradio the non-exclusive to resell Vendor’s content (audio music) via triumphnatradio.com to anyone, anywhere in the WORLD.
7. Triumphantradio may use vendor’s image or likeness for promotional purposes to showcase availability of vendor’s content.
8. Triumphantradio may use content for other related connected and or ancillary services on our blog posts.
9. Triumphantradio board will send the team to confirm every physical product provided on the store.
10. The Royalty payable to the Vendor shall be 80% of the Selling prize
How to get Started?
i. Sign up to fill a contact form, undertaking and account details/payment
ii. Create an account with us as a vendor
iii. Account verification
iv. Sign in to the vendor dashboard after verification message received for the use.
How do I get Paid?
Our payment system runs according to the products provided either Music or Books in physical products or electronic format. For all Electronics Products provided payment shall be remitted into the vendors accounts at monthly intervals on or before the last working day of the third week of the month subject to the Vendor’s royalty becoming payable. Vendor’s royalty shall only become payable upon reaching the threshold of N1000 (One thousand naira) and after the sale and funds received from the End-User has been confirmed. Every Vendors has the right to his/her dashboard to follow up sales of products provided. Every physical product sales payments shall be remitted to the vendor’s account at the end of the


Airing your programs on Triumphant Radio gives you access to broadcast to our listeners across the globe.

Presenters must adhere to our terms of use below.

Terms and conditions
1. The use of the Website or/and the Services are limited to parties that are 18 years old or older and lawfully can enter into and form contracts under applicable law.
2. The Presenter must provide information required in the registration form.

3. Every recordings must be sent to us at least 48hrs prior to the assigned Scheduled Airtime.

4. Every recording must meet the approved quality standard of 128Bit Rate.

5. Recordings must be edited to meet with the allocated and paid air time.

6. Every recordings must complete Triumphant radio approval process.