NEWS UPDATE: Emmanuel Macron in a recent statement advises that people should turn down air con and heating to help France avoid ‘last resort’ forced energy cuts

The French President, Emmanuel Macron has said that he envisages that 10% in France’s energy usage be reduced in the coming weeks and months, of course
this applies to businesses and homes.
He urged peoples to turn down heating and air conditioning, also stressing the fact that forced cuts will be applied as a last option. Speaking recently
after a virtual meeting with the German Chancellor, Mr Macron revealed the plans to improve gas supplies to Germany in other to resolve the recent drop in
gas supplies from Russia. Of course his is due to the fact that Germany is super reliant on Russia for Gas than most EU Nations.
Though without a surprise from France’s part, Mr Macron demands electricity supply from Germany in other to make up for shortages caused by maintenance
protocols being carried out on French nuclear reactors.

The Kingdom Advantage

Jesus Christ came to ’re-link’ us into a world of infinite possibilities, the kind the world has never known. There was definitely something missing before He showed up to pay a gruesome price for this ‘impeccable’ realm of out of this world order of existence – THE SUPERNATURAL. He came to restore to man ‘an advantage’ over this present world’s style of doing things. In different chapters of the bible, we could see how He demonstrated this dimension of utmost possibilities; in healings, display of exceptional wisdom, workings of miracles of diverse kinds and living a life of ‘the indestructible’ when He rose from the dead. Though the main block-bluster was when He said, greater things you shall do! That’s absolutely amazing man!

As career/business men & women in Christ Jesus, we are mandated not only expected (Romans 8:9), to manifest exceptionality the way we carry out our different assignments. But how, that’s the next thing you are thinking of right? Let me walk you through it.


The Kingdom Advantage (Secrets to triumphing exceptionally in Business & Career)


Understanding the Power of Divine Endowments

Let’s take the man called Daniel for a queue; the bible recorded that during his political career, serving in the city of Babylon, he was preferred above all other political appointees, because an ‘excellent Spirit’ resided inside of Him (Daniel 6:3). Please note the words “an excellent Spirit”; that was the secret behind his exceptionality! Babylon’s Politicians were all human right, but he who had the privilege of the residing inside of him of a divine endowment was distinguished; and glory to God, that Spirit is here on the earth! He is the Holy Ghost.

You don’t have to wait and just assume He would jump upon you, you have got the responsibility to demand for His infilling (Luke 11:13). This is your advantage in that office of yours; this is the advantage you need in the midst of that heavy competition in your business ecosystem.

The bible said, when He comes upon you, He shall teach you all ‘truth’ and ‘all things’ (John 14:26, John 16:13), please don’t tell me this is limited to just the truth of God’s word or the things of the spirit, because it is obvious that God is very much interested in your career/business success as well! (2 John 1:2) In other words, this connotes that He would unveil to you the secret to leading the market! Go ahead and ask the Father for this outpouring and watch how your mind lights up into a new world of infinite possibilities!


Understanding the Potency of ‘The Communication Line’

When I said the communication line, I meant your prayer altar. Common, don’t roll your eyes yet, for this isn’t meant to be just a religious daily recitation of constructed words each morning, it was meant to be a link between you and your Father in heaven in relating with one another. Let’s take another queue from Daniel, there was a major problem he was confronted with when the King of Babylon in a certain year demanded that his chosen ones should tell him his dream, which he obviously forgot and the interpretation! (Daniel Chapter 2) That was hard-core right there!! But that wasn’t a big deal at all to Daniel, he simply went on his knees and enquired of the Lord what the answer was; the bible recorded that, then was the secret revealed to Daniel in a night vision! (Daniel 2:19) Bamn! There you have it, what could be that missing link in your career/business, of which you have being trying to figure out? Or are you at a cross road, not knowing what next to do? There you have it, use the power of ‘The Communication Line’ you’ve got!! Furthermore, don’t just mutter words to the Lord, listen as well, for I know for sure that he has got a lot to talk to you about.


In conclusion, please understand the need and the urgency of you getting this right, for our world needs you and me to figure things out; from problems of flooding, to unsorted matters in the technology industry, to matters of corruption eating into the fabrics of nations of the world, or is it nations being eaten up by drought and starvation; the Joseph in you and me can sort this all out, as long as we are willing to submit to the secrets in scriptures. You are next to being celebrated!

In coming episodes, we shall explore the unraveling of more secrets. Go change the world!!


By: @olasamofficial




The word of the Lord in the book of James 1:27 admonished us to ensure we stay clean despite the filthiness that ravishes our present world. But the question is, how each of us as believers can accomplish this seemly ‘hard’ task as it may seem? But before we dive into that, it is important we know the Essence of staying pure before the Lord.


As revealed in different parts of scriptures (2 Samuel 22:27, Habakkuk 1:13) we have come to understand that God is Holy, having no spot of uncleanliness of any kind; if then we must walk with Him as He instructed (Galatians 5:16), Holiness is a non-negotiable. For Blessed are the pure in heart and only them shall experience the depths of the manifestation of the Glory of God! (Matthew 5:8)


What then are the three steps to attaining this feet and staying there?

A Lifestyle of Prayer

Prayer wasn’t only intended to change things, alter events or situations, it was as well aimed at transfiguring us from filthiness into cleanliness. An event happened as documented in scriptures, worthy of note; Jesus’s countenance on the altar of prayer was literally glistering and the bible said his raiment became ‘white’! Spot free in other words!!

Don’t joke with your prayer life if you really desire to be a ‘realistic’ ambassador of the kingdom of God of a truth.

Finally on the subject of prayer; the same way you’ve got a to-do list for your career daily tasks, have a drafted schedule for prayer. I would suggest at least thrice daily.

Constantly ask the Holy Ghost to cleanse you on the altar of prayer! More on the Holy Ghost in step three. (Psalm 55:17)


Controlled Association

Be not deceived, evil communication corrupts ‘good’ manners (1 Corinthians 15:33) is one of the most popular bible passages, yet many still fall into the trap of ungodly collaborations! You need to understand that you can’t flaunt the instructions of scriptures and not fall victim of the side effects!!

Scriptural instructions are tested biblical wisdom over the years that have the power to preserve the life of anyone who chooses to stay faithful to the same.

A godly association would enhance your walk with God, as an ungodly would pamper the same. Sort for genuine (with proofs) brethren in your local church or neighborhood and stick with them; go for Christian events, seminars, conferences, retreats, Christian concerts or camp meetings.

In case you are presently in a desperate situation which requires an urgent attention please do well to send me an email (address below), contact your Pastor or a brethren you know have a testimony of a ‘good ambassador’. It is also important to note that not only should you stay clear of ungodly associations ‘physically’, also stay clear of materials that would pollute your soul; I mean contents that have the power to damage your inner purity. Stop watching Porn, reading nudity magazines, materials whose aim is centered at ungodly mind-sets; consciously guide your activities on the internet, don’t visit those filthy sites after you are done with this reading! Your soul needs a fresh air of sanctification to strive on the earth triumphantly!!

As you become a better people, you would start to notice other people coming closer to benefit from your testimony, because as the scripture stated, “the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the manifestation of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19). Therefore be a good Ambassador of Christ!!


Submit to the Holy Ghost

Talking of the Holy Ghost, one of His core mission on the earth is to reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness.. (John 16:8). He is here to help you and me, so we can live a life pleasing to God and of a worthy example before men. The next question obviously would be how does He intend to do this?

The bible stated in Jude 1:20 that ye beloved build yourself on your most only faith, praying in the Holy Ghost. Because it takes strength to resist temptations! The Holy Ghost fires up a praying believer with required inner strength Ephesian 3:16 for continuous victorious living.  So, engage Him when you are tempted!!


A life of purity is a possibility 1 Peter 1:15 and you too can manifest the same, trust the Lord and walk with Him as you align with the truth of scriptures!


Written by: @olasamofficial



JUST IN: Flood rages London Stations as UK experiences more thunderstorms

The Met Office has recently issued a warning stating that the flood is
“danger” to human lives.
All across the internet, videos sighting Victoria and King’s Cross station
being flooded could be seen, caused by heavy downpours.

People should expect more flooding and disruption due to the fact that
an amber thunderstorm warning covering most of the southeast of England,
including parts of London, is in place until 10 pm on Wednesday.

The warning states that “Fast flowing or deep floodwater is likely, causing
danger to life”.

In just an hour, 30mm to 50mm of rain could fall, so homes and businesses are
like to be affected in a rush! The Met Office said.

Train and bus movement cancellations, difficulty in driving, and power cuts could
occur as a result, forecasters warned.

Areas such as Suffolk, Kent, Surrey, and West Sussex according to the warning could
experience more lighting, hail, and very strong winds.

According to the Environment Agency, people are advised not to drive through flood
water, urging that it is “often deeper than it looks and just 30cm of flowing
water is enough to suspend a car.

JUST IN: The United States First Lady tests positive for COVID

The Fist Lady (Jill Biden) has been on vacation with Mr President since 10 August, and
on Monday began to express symptoms of COVID. This is coming after her husband recently
had the infection but has fully recovered.

Spokesperson Elizabeth Alexander said that, the first lady has had two vaccinations and two booster jabs against the disease.

She is experiencing mild symptoms and has been prescribed the antiviral drug Paxlovid.

Mr and Mrs Biden are on vacation in South Carolina. She will isolate there for at least five days, the White House said, and will return home
after two consecutive negative tests.

Mr Biden tested negative on Tuesday, the White House said, but will wear a face mask indoors for 10 days, in line with guidance from the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is confirmed that he is back to work!


Ghanaian Gospel Reggae Icon, Nat Abbey, after his epic performance at ICGC Night of Choirs and Greater Works is set to host his annual Gospel Reggae Night in collaboration with Events Boutique. This year’s event is dubbed “ARUKAH” a Hebrew word which means complete healing or restoration and will be held on Wednesday, 21st September 2022 (Public Holiday) from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm at The Junction Mall, Nungua.

The event would see five (5) hours of uninterrupted time in the presence of God with poetry, choreography and gospel reggae medleys from seasoned and renowned gospel musicians, such as Perez Musik, Kofi Owusu Peprah, RZN, Godwin Dash, David Osabutey, Pastor Wisdom Olives, and many more. The hilarious Parrot Mouth will be the MC for the night.

Gospel Reggae Night is a Christian entertainment and charity event that is geared towards entertaining Gospel reggae lovers and helping the less privileged in the society. The first Gospel Reggae event was held on Sunday 1st September 2013 at ICGC – Glorious Temple and it was very successful.

The event host, Nat Abbey is an award-winning Gospel Musician, Recording Artiste, Host of Gospel Reggae Night and WUSH (Worship Until Something Happens), Vocal Coach, Founder and President of Nat Abbey and Towdah Ministries, and Tehiliah Vocal Perfection, Programmes Coordinator at L`AINE Foundation, Music Coordinator at ICGC Greater Works.

He has over 20 years of experience in leading Praise and Worship and has been in the music industry for 12 years. He`s a multiple award-winning Gospel Reggae Gem and an enthusiastically passionate music minstrel.

Speaking about the event, he said “It is my desire that at Gospel Reggae Night, God will heal the land of Ghana through my ministration and that of other spirit-filled minstrels billed.”

This event is sponsored by: Events Boutique, The Junction Mall, Pork Office, Bekofi Studio, Ikwatech Prints Media and Comme Lab.

For more updates on this event, follow Nat Abbey on Instagram; @natabbeyofficial, Facebook; @natabbeygh, Twitter; @natabbeygh and  on Youtube @Nat Abbey.


McDonald’s will reopen some branches in Ukraine to support ‘important sense of normalcy’

The US fast-food giant closed its restaurants in Ukraine when Russia invaded the country almost six months ago. McDonald’s also “de-arched” in Russia and sold its outlets to a franchise owner.

Following Vladimir Putin’s invasion in February, McDonald’s closed its restaurants in Ukraine, but has continued to pay more than 10,000 staff employed in the country, while it closed and sold branches in Russia.

It said on Thursday that it will slowly start to reopen some of its branches in the capital Kyiv and western Ukraine. Other major Western companies have also reopened their businesses in Ukraine recently, including Nike, KFC and Mango. “We’ve spoken extensively to our employees who have expressed a strong desire to return to work and see our restaurants in Ukraine reopen,” Paul Pomroy, corporate senior vice president of international operated markets, said in a message to employees. Advertisement “In recent months, the belief that this would support a small, but important sense of normalcy has grown stronger.” Ukraine’s economy has been severely impacted by the war, with the International Monetary Fund expecting its economy to shrink by 35% in 2022, in part due to businesses halting operations because of the war.

McDonald’s has 109 restaurants in Ukraine, but Mr Pomroy didn’t say how many would reopen, when it would happen or the locations.

The company said it would start working with vendors to get supplies into branches, prepare stores, bring employees back and launch safety procedures due to ongoing fighting in the east.

McDonald’s has sold its 850 restaurants in Russia to local franchise owner Alexander Govor, who held a licence for 25 branches in Siberia and who has begun reopening former McDonald’s locations under the name Vkusno-i Tochka or Tasty-period.

McDonald’s opened its first Russian location in Moscow three decades ago. Selling its Russian business was the first time the fast-food giant has “de-arched” or left a major market.

McDonald’s closed hundreds of locations throughout Russia in March, costing the company $55m (£45m) a month.



Tonnes of dead fish pulled from River Oder in Poland as officials warn of possible contamination

At least 10 tonnes of dead fish have been pulled out of the River Oder which flows along part of Poland’s border with Germany – as officials warn people not to enter the water due to possible contamination.

Anglers and volunteers removed the dead fish from the 200km (124 mile) stretch of the river north of Olawa in southwest Poland, the head of the agency which manages the country’s national waters has said.

Przemyslaw Daca, head of State Water Holding, also called the situation a gigantic ecological catastrophe.

Poland’s prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has vowed to punish those responsible after environmental authorities said they notified prosecutors about potential contamination of the country’s second longest river.

Ewa Drewniak, a biologist working with opposition political group Civic Coalition, has accused the government of not responding quickly enough. Advertisement “Dead fish have been flowing in the Oder for the past two weeks and people have not been informed about it, I’ve seen scores of people bathing in the river a week and a half ago, they were not aware of the danger, this is scandalous,” she said. Regional environmental protection authorities in the Polish city of Wroclaw said Oder water samples taken on 28 July showed an 80% probability that they contained mesitylene, a toxic substance, although this was not present in samples taken after 1 August.

Low river levels due to the drought in Europe might have aggravated possible contamination, Mr Daca said on Wednesday.

He added they suspected a strong oxidizing agent might have gotten into the water causing oxygen levels to spike, which can harm fish.

Mr Daca also said there was no reason for panic and the situation was improving.

Several German districts bordering Poland warned locals to avoid the river water and not to eat fish from the Oder as long as the cause of the fish deaths was unclear.

“The reports from the Oder are simply terrible,” Michael Kellner, a senior politician of Germany’s The Greens party, said on Twitter.


More than 1,000 firefighters struggling to tackle huge forest blaze in France

Around 6,800 hectares (26 square miles) in the Gironde region and neighbouring Landes have been burnt by the blaze, which began on Tuesday.

At least 16 houses have also been destroyed, and emergency services have forced around 10,000 people to evacuate the area.

Photographs released by firefighters showed flames raging through pine forests, sending clouds of smoke in the air and illuminating the sky with intense orange light.

It comes after the region was ravaged by flames last month and as France tackles its fourth heatwave following its worst drought ever.

“The conditions are particularly difficult: the vegetation and the soil are particularly dry after more than a month without rain,” local officials said in a statement.

“The scorching temperatures are expected to continue until Saturday and combine with very dry air to create very severe fire risk conditions.”

On Thursday, temperatures were due to reach 40C (104F) across the region.

Four firefighting planes, based in Sweden and Greece, have been sent to the country by the European Commission to help put out the blaze.

Nine other aircraft and two helicopters have also been mobilised.

Commission spokesperson Miriam Garcia Ferrer also said firefighting teams from Germany, Poland, Austria and Romania were on their way to help French crews.

“The EU continues to monitor the situation across Europe and stands ready to help the affected countries,” she added.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and interior minister Gerald Darmanin are due to visit the evacuated small town of Hostens to meet crews, rescuers, local officials and volunteers.


A third of Brits face poverty with energy bills set to hit $5,000

Nearly one third of households in the United Kingdom will face poverty this winter after paying energy bills that are set to soar again in January, campaigners say.

About 10.5 million households will be in fuel poverty for the first three months of next year, according to estimates from the End Fuel Poverty Coalition (EFPC) published on Tuesday — meaning that their income after paying for energy will fall below the poverty line.
The UK government defines poverty as household income of less than 60% of the UK median, which stood at £31,000 ($37,500) in 2021, according to official statistics.
The predictions are based on new estimates from research firm Cornwall Insight, also published Tuesday, which show that the average household energy bill is expected to hit £3,582 ($4,335) a year from October, and £4,266 ($5,163) from January — equating to about £355 ($430) a month.
January’s forecast represents a 116% increase in energy bills from current levels. As fuel prices surge, estimates are having trouble keeping pace. Just last week, Cornwall Insight predicted January’s prices would rise by 83% from current levels.
The research firm said it had revised its figures because of a jump in wholesale prices and a change in the way the UK regulator calculates its price cap. But there could be relief on the horizon: Cornwall Insight expects bills to start falling in the second half of 2023.
Fuel bills started rising last year as a global natural gas supply crunch pushed wholesale prices up to record levels. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February has only exacerbated the situation.
The averageUKhousehold bill has already risen 54% this year, exacerbating a cost-of-living crisis that has forced many Britons to choose between “heating and eating.”
In May, the government announced a £15 billion ($18 billion) package of support — including a £400 ($484) payment to 29 million households from October — to ease the burden of energy bills.
But Simon Francis, coordinator for the EFPC, said the latest price estimates meant the current level of government support amounted to a “drop in the ocean.”
Craig Lowrey, a principal consultant at Cornwall Insight, said in a Tuesday press release that if “£400 was not enough to make a dent in the impact of [the company’s] previous forecast, it most certainly is not enough now.”
Liz Truss, the UK’s foreign minister and current frontrunner to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister next month, has proposed cutting taxes to help people struggling with their bills, rather than direct help. Her rival, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, has said more support will be needed.
Meanwhile, the CBI — the country’s top business organization — has urged Johnson to bring the leadership candidates together to agree on a way to support households and businesses with their energy bills so that measures can be announced as soon as the October price cap is set on August 26. The new prime minister is not expected to be elected until September 5.
By Anna Cooban
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