The word of the Lord in the book of James 1:27 admonished us to ensure we stay clean despite the filthiness that ravishes our present world. But the question is, how each of us as believers can accomplish this seemly ‘hard’ task as it may seem? But before we dive into that, it is important we know the Essence of staying pure before the Lord.


As revealed in different parts of scriptures (2 Samuel 22:27, Habakkuk 1:13) we have come to understand that God is Holy, having no spot of uncleanliness of any kind; if then we must walk with Him as He instructed (Galatians 5:16), Holiness is a non-negotiable. For Blessed are the pure in heart and only them shall experience the depths of the manifestation of the Glory of God! (Matthew 5:8)


What then are the three steps to attaining this feet and staying there?

A Lifestyle of Prayer

Prayer wasn’t only intended to change things, alter events or situations, it was as well aimed at transfiguring us from filthiness into cleanliness. An event happened as documented in scriptures, worthy of note; Jesus’s countenance on the altar of prayer was literally glistering and the bible said his raiment became ‘white’! Spot free in other words!!

Don’t joke with your prayer life if you really desire to be a ‘realistic’ ambassador of the kingdom of God of a truth.

Finally on the subject of prayer; the same way you’ve got a to-do list for your career daily tasks, have a drafted schedule for prayer. I would suggest at least thrice daily.

Constantly ask the Holy Ghost to cleanse you on the altar of prayer! More on the Holy Ghost in step three. (Psalm 55:17)


Controlled Association

Be not deceived, evil communication corrupts ‘good’ manners (1 Corinthians 15:33) is one of the most popular bible passages, yet many still fall into the trap of ungodly collaborations! You need to understand that you can’t flaunt the instructions of scriptures and not fall victim of the side effects!!

Scriptural instructions are tested biblical wisdom over the years that have the power to preserve the life of anyone who chooses to stay faithful to the same.

A godly association would enhance your walk with God, as an ungodly would pamper the same. Sort for genuine (with proofs) brethren in your local church or neighborhood and stick with them; go for Christian events, seminars, conferences, retreats, Christian concerts or camp meetings.

In case you are presently in a desperate situation which requires an urgent attention please do well to send me an email (address below), contact your Pastor or a brethren you know have a testimony of a ‘good ambassador’. It is also important to note that not only should you stay clear of ungodly associations ‘physically’, also stay clear of materials that would pollute your soul; I mean contents that have the power to damage your inner purity. Stop watching Porn, reading nudity magazines, materials whose aim is centered at ungodly mind-sets; consciously guide your activities on the internet, don’t visit those filthy sites after you are done with this reading! Your soul needs a fresh air of sanctification to strive on the earth triumphantly!!

As you become a better people, you would start to notice other people coming closer to benefit from your testimony, because as the scripture stated, “the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the manifestation of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19). Therefore be a good Ambassador of Christ!!


Submit to the Holy Ghost

Talking of the Holy Ghost, one of His core mission on the earth is to reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness.. (John 16:8). He is here to help you and me, so we can live a life pleasing to God and of a worthy example before men. The next question obviously would be how does He intend to do this?

The bible stated in Jude 1:20 that ye beloved build yourself on your most only faith, praying in the Holy Ghost. Because it takes strength to resist temptations! The Holy Ghost fires up a praying believer with required inner strength Ephesian 3:16 for continuous victorious living.  So, engage Him when you are tempted!!


A life of purity is a possibility 1 Peter 1:15 and you too can manifest the same, trust the Lord and walk with Him as you align with the truth of scriptures!


Written by: @olasamofficial