Facts about Youth and Singles. The making of man by God is a perfect one, He made them in such a way to fulfill destiny all day, But the devil comes to sow tears…

Things that affect fulfilling destiny in Marriage…. 

  1. Movie and Home Video: Movies some times has caused great injury to our mentality… Every youths taught what they watch in the movies shows the real picture of how their marital life will be. Marriage is more critical than what we feels it is, it is an ordination of God the Father for help.
  2. Pornography: the greatest strategy of the devil to destroying our marrital life is pornography. The devil has brain washed so many youths and has madly made them to be deep in pornograpical materials such as pictures, videos, and naked wears. The devil is striking very hard to making the world to see pornograph as a norm, to the fact that the whole social networks has become the home where pornographical materials are being advertised. The effect of this pornographical material has affected our marital life, to the extent that the indept of sex we watch in movies we will also want to apply this to our marital life. A Lady confessing how she got so used to watching pornography and this led her to be so addicted to sex!! She said and I quote ” I have sex with 7guys daily” …  Pornograph can be so destructive to life which may lead to continuity after marriage and it may lead to break ups in marriage.
  3. Holy brethren ” Brothers and Sisters in Church: unmarried couples living together in the name of service to God. There is no Spirit being to SEX, you cannot overcome that urge when it comes when you have that Sister or brother in the room with you…

A prayer for you:

I decree and declare every deceitful plans of the enemy to destroy our life’s is broken today.

Every spirit of immorality I come against them in the mighty name of Jesus.

We shall fulfill destiny in marriage in Jesus Name. Amen.