Weekend Delight : WHY PRAISE by Bro Yomi Oladejo. 17/10/2015

Praise is the very essence of our living and when God created man at creation it was for His Praise. It is important for us has a Christian to know why we must praise God. And also what praise brings on the table for every faithful Praise star of God. Praise is the unfailing access to God. it is the proclamation of God’s representation and glory in our lives Psalms 22:3 & psalms 92:1-2 Praise can also be define simply has the food of God i.e. food is good to our body and praise is God’s food to see God’s Glory Isaiah 42:8.

The subject of praise is so important to God and we must know that praise is a spiritual medium through which God enforces what is written concerning you and removes what is not of him in your life

                      WHY PRAISE

Praise is a key to receiving help from God 2 chronicles 20:2-13 i.e. Praise is a defense in battle

God Always Show up in Praise 2 chronicles 20:15. when you praise God expect to see God coming down on your behalf bodily

God take the lead when you praise i.e. Praise guarantees divine direction in all situation of life

2 chronicles 20:16-20

Praise is a weapon to defeat your enemy 2 chronicles 20:21-24

Praising God will enrich you 2 chronicles 20:25

Praise is an addition and while you continue in it..it simply turns into multiplication of songs, blessings and divine presence of God

Praise makes the enemies fear you and stay clear off you 2 chronicles 20:29

Praise is all round rest 2 chronicles 20:30

The story of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah against the children of Moab and Ammon when they came against him in battle. Three things I learn from this scripture is that Jehoshaphat

  • He seek first the lord in Praise by acknowledging who He is and Given Glory and honor to God..
  • He also seek the counsel of the prophet of God and abide by the instruction and direction believing the prophet of God and counsel of God’s messenger
  • Jehoshaphat is a man of faith. he was stupid enough to believe God and appoint singers to praise the Lord even at the battle field..

I don’t know what it  is you are going through today in your life and what you seeking God for direction and help for..but today in the name of Jesus Christ has you begin to praise in faith this heavenly mystery your heaven will open and your testimony shall be established in Jesus Name…