If you believe God is not pleased with the way Mary Mary has conducted themselves on their self-titled WE tv reality show, apparently, the sisters agree.

Tina Campbell has denounced the “foolishness” she and her sibling Erica Campbell have been displaying on the small screen during Season 5.

“It’s a lot of unnecessary arguing and bickering and stuff,” said the “Speak The Word” singer during a recent interview on TBN’s “Praise the Lord,” acknowledging that nasty attitudes and confrontations don’t reflect their professed Christianity.

Erica nodded affirmatively during Tina’s confession.

The successful gospel singers have been heavily criticized by Christians and non-Christians alike for acting no different from those who don’t claim to be followers of Jesus.

Though host Donnie McClurkin tried to excuse the talented twosome’s arguments away by saying “It’s called family,” Tina, 41, retorted, “No, it’s called foolishness.”

“First of all, we ain’t kids no more. Let’s stop all this bickering,” the red-haired, outspoken sister said. “Our children are following us, because me and you [are] arguing, acting like clowns and this contention is not of God.”

Tina continued, “And I’m not saying that we’re perfect,” and claimed that “our perspective has changed.”

According to Erica, 43, who is the First Lady of California Worship Center where her husband Warryn Campbell is pastor, since Mary Mary went on break, their relationship has improved.

“We enjoy each other much more. We used to argue,” she said.

Tina agreed, chiming in, “We do, now that we’re separate. We like each other a little bit more.”

Watch the interview snippet, plus a full soul-stirring performance from Tina of her current single, “Speak the Word.”