God has place a mystery in our hands in the Scriptures John 5: 1-10, … And yearly he backs up whatever he says with living proofs.
This worship Explosion was delivered into our hands in 2008 where God said as my people worship me, I will show them signs and wonders.

Testimonies from the past event.
Indeed 2013 as the race began, at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, a woman was 15years deaf and dumb, and suddenly this woman start to dance to the tune of music, instantly the Man of God prayed for her and she began to talk clearly..
2014 God moved through this same mystery, asthmatic patient healed instantly, SS turned to AA, undeniable spell reversed.
2015 is another time to invoke the supernatural, as we come in strong Faith, with anyone sick in the body, unemployment barricade and lot more you could mention cos we know that the God of our Fathers will deliver and heal in Jesus Name.

Jesus is Lord
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Be bless.