Spit out Fornication and Adultery in the music industry. Galatians 5:17-21.
Music ministers are great tools in the hands of God, they lead the congregation of God’s people to His presence.
I discovered out of thousand of worshippers and musicians in the Gospel music world, the main attribute in all, that the devil uses to hinder the manifestation of God’s presence is fornication…,For instance Saturday evening after rehearsals a Music leader was caught in the act of fornication with the member and this person is a prominent person who will lead the whole Church to God’s presence on Sunday.
It is so real that we never enjoy God’s raw presence in Churches any more,.. Reference God Chasers by Tommy Tenney, and also the Azuza Fire conference as the Female pianist was playing the fire fell, Act 2 :1-4 .
In the book of Acts 2:1-4 I discovered that as the Apostle of old were waiting for the out pore of the Holy Ghost at the Upper Room, at a certain point they were worshiping in songs until the Fire fell.
How many of us has felt the hand of God after every worship being sang in church? How many blind have seen in our early morning worship? Hmmm!!
Worship is a tool to win the battle and it must be done in the heart of Holiness.
Please and please let shun Fornication in the music ministry to allow the raw Manifestation of God.