One way to embrace your future and ensure that you make the most of it is by planning for your future. No doubt, you have great expectations for the year 2012. God also has great blessings in store for you but you can’t just assume that things will happen on their own accord, it is your result oriented planning that commits God to direct you to your expected end (Prov. 16:9). That is what enables you to set your priorities; programming the things to be done now, those to be left till next week and those for next month, for a phase by phase achievement of your goal. That means spreading out your objective, so that it can be achieved without stress or strain. So, don’t let life take you unawares! Plan; determine what must be done at every point so that you can get to the next point, because there are some things that must happen to make room for others. With this approach, you will be amazed at your achievements by the end of this year.