Tekano Ikoko is out with his new book “Silent Storms”, read below interview with Tekena Ikoko as he gives us insight into what the book entails and why he wrote the book.

Mr. Tekena Ikoko, why Silent Storms ?

Over the past 5 years, I have written over 13 books, that have sold over 300,000 copies, but the fact is that I don’t write for the fun of it. Each of book is an arrow for a specific audience with a specific message for a very specific need. And the purpose of Silent Storms is to stimulate a platform for mentoring and family values.

Sir, What do you mean by family values ?

I believe that the bedrock of any institution and nation rests squarely on responsibility and leadership. 88% of Nigerians claim that religion is very important to them, and yet we haven’t been able to bring the dividends into social and economic transformation. And a consultant on Emotional Intelligence and after over twenty years of service to youths and singles, I can boldly say we need to go back to the simple basics of being responsible to each other and learn to lead ourselves. If a man cannot lead himself, he cannot lead his family and he can’t lead his community. So by family values, I mean the simple act of responsibility and leadership.

So, how does SILENT STORMS achieve this?

SILENT STORMS is a book that weaves each of the 14 core principles of leadership and responsibility into lovely readable interesting short stories. The act of story telling is missing in our homes. If a parent or a mentor gets a copy of SILENT STORMS, he can find good discussion materials to pass on values to his proteges, ward, children, or indeed any on that looks up to him. Each story ends with discussion questions and it’s fascinating when I see young minds pick the principles and apply it into their lives.

Are you saying that this book is only for parents and families?

Like I said earlier, this book is an arrow for family values. So tell me, should the single guy or girl wait till they are married before he learns the principles of responsibility ? Don’t they need it themselves? The collapse of many homes today is based on the fact that when these men or women were teens or youths, they didn’t learn the values of responsibility and you can’t give what you don’t have. I desire that all who read this interview would get a copy for themselves and for friends/family.

Thanks you for this explanation. So How do they get a copy?

Hard copies are now available nationwide. We have specific re-sellers for my books in each city in Nigeria. So you would have to call the resellers hotline, 08067907884, to get the contact of the re-seller in your area, and…

I’m sorry to interrupt you, but is it only for Nigerians ?

I was coming to that. This book is also available on Amazon for all those outside Nigeria. E-versions are also available on Okadabooks app and website.

Sir, I understand that this book costs N1,500. Isn’t it too expensive considering the economic situation ?

Money is what you give in exchange for what you value. My books were priced for N500 when the dollar to Naira exchange was 1$ = 160. How do you contend with an exchange of 1$ = 410. We have done our best, in-spite of the sharp rise in cost of printing to give a price based on the current market forces, but I believe that there is no price too much to build the family and the next generation. Those who discern will invest wisely, and the cost won’t hinder them.

Do you have any final word concerning SILENT STORMS:

Silent storms covers stories such as RESPECT, ENVISAGING THE END, MANAGING CONFLICT, and Selecting the face of fear. Its my prayer that God would raise families to be equipped for the dynamics of a changing social-economic order, by building competence that will outlive the current get-rich-quick schemes that are all over the place. At the end of the day, the good book says, “Seest thou a diligent man, he will stand before kings and not mean men.” My prayer is that as you and the readers go through this book, may they find the undeniable proof and evidence that a life based on core values and principles of responsibility is the foundation of all long lasting success. Amen.