Today: 2015-10-23

If you don’t want God to stay off you, stay off sin. If you must keep God with you, keep sin off you. Withdraw your hand from sin if you don’t want God’s hand withdrawn from sin. Don’t touch sin if you don’t want to be out of touch with God. It takes righteousness to put you right with God. You either love sin and hate God or love God and hate sin. When Samson will not withdraw from sin God withdrew from Him. God infuses with those who refuse sin. Hate sin to aim high. Sin is a weight, it hinders flight The lighter you are in righteousness, the higher you fly in life. Jos.7:10-13, Ex.19:11-14 Living clean is living in mobility Cleanliness is synonymous to Godliness. Never toy with sin if you don’t want to end as a toy in satan’s hand. Sanctification is the process of preparation for manifestation.