In Luke 14:28, Jesus spoke emphatically on the necessity of planning and also gave us an insight into the process of planning when He said, “…Which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost …” This is where many people miss it. At the instance of a challenge, they act before they think. But, the procedure is “Sit down first.” We have had things mixed up and that is why we have failed so many times. Your rising begins with your sitting down first. Until you sit tight, you cannot rise high. That is to say if you do not have a good base you cannot gain a great height.


The reason for so many unfinished projects, unfulfilled vows, grounded destinies, bankrupt businesses, and aborted purposes is failure to plan. People fail to sit down first and count the cost before they start off. You can save yourself from such disappointments by having a clear programme of action before taking the first step into any venture. The anecdote to shame is “Sit down first!” The tower of your dreams can be built. Your expectations can be realised. All things are possible. Even if you don’t possess all that is required to accomplish your dream presently, it can be done! You simply have to place the goal before you and begin to devise a programme of action to make it a reality – that is what planning is all about.


Sit down first and plan otherwise, you will have to re-sit. You know, when you are asked to re-sit in the academic circle, it is a polite way of telling you that you have failed and the reason is because you didn’t sit well the first time.

Meditate on these: Job 23:4, 1 Cor. 14:40