Shiloh 2014 Live: Date, Programme and Venue –
Shiloh 2014 live is just a few days away and it will
be telecasted here.
Shiloh 2014 Live will be broadcasted right here for
all those who couldn’t make it to Shiloh 2014 to
have a live streaming of the event online via their
laptops and smartphones.
Therefore, let’s take a recap of the Shiloh event so
you get familiar with the live transmission of Shiloh
2014 live streaming.
Shiloh 2014 Date
The date for this epic event has been unveiled by
Bishop David Oyedepo in the Epistle that was read
to all members of the commission recently and the
Date falls on December 9 – 13 2014.
Therefore get set and prepare yourself adequately for
that said date.
Shiloh 2014 Theme
The theme has also gone forth and revealed by the
Bishop so that adequate preparation towards the
event will ensue. The theme for this year’s Shiloh
2014 live is “Heaven on Earth” According to the
Bishop, it will be a live transforming event where
destinies will be met.
Shiloh 2014 Live will also be an event of
turnaround. Accordingly, Turnaround means different
things to different people.
For the students, it means from failure to success;
for the businessmen (breakdown to breakthrough) to
the poor, it means prosperity and to the sick;
The God of turnaround is set to meet all
participants at the points of their needs.
Here are Shiloh 2014 programme highlights for all
those that will be travelling to Canaanland, Ota and
all those that will be watching the event live.
Shiloh 2014 Morning Session – The Morning
session of Shiloh 2014 live will kick-start by 7am.
This is the morning session of the event and will
last between 7am and 11am. This will contain a
series of 3 Teachings.
Shiloh 2014 Healing School – The healing school
will be coming up by 11.30am to 1.30pm daily just
immediately after the morning session. This
particular session is for those oppresses and all
those who need a touch of the spirit.
Shiloh 2014 Business Summit – All business
oriented individuals, businessmen and business
women are to be a part of this particular session.
The time is 11.30am to 1.30pm daily.
Shiloh 2014 Youth Alive Forum – For all youths,
this is the session for you all. The Youth Alive forum
will kick-start by 3pm and ends by 5pm. Issues
pertaining to all the youths will be discusses here
e.g. relationship matters, dating, godliness, etc.
Shiloh 2014 Evening Session – This is the much
anticipated programme of Shiloh 2014 Live and you
must not miss any of it. The evening session kicks
off by 7pm and runs till 10pm. The Bishop himself
will be teaching during this session.
Please note: Shiloh will be transmitted here live by
visiting the link below.
Watch Shiloh 2014 Live: Visit Shiloh 2014 Live