Shiloh 2014 Heaven on Earth live Telecast, 2014
broadcast date
Shiloh 2014 heaven on Earth live telecast, 2014
broadcast date – the theme and date for Shiloh
2014 Live Broadcast has been released by God’s
Exceeding Grace and Strange Acts is already a
reality. The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith
Church aka Winners Chapel worldwide in the person
of Bishop David Oyedepo has released the date and
theme of this year’s Shiloh 2014 during the
Leadership Program that took place on the 1 of
October, 2014.
During the Leadership programme that took place o
the 1 which was specially designed for all church
workers, deacons & deaconesses, unit members and
leaders alongside all pastors Nationwide, the
Presiding Bishop David Oyedepo centred his
teachings on Stewardship even as he disclosed that
your size in the race of life is a function of your
insight into the mysteries of the kingdom.
Bishop David Oyedepo before dropping the theme of
Shiloh 2014 disclosed that without contention, there
can never be a possession even as he quotes from
Deut. 2:24, Ezekiel 36:37 and Psalms 67:5-7.
He also disclosed that where your Joy stops will be
where your bountiful harvest will stop likewise.
Even in line with Shiloh 2014, God’s servant
disclosed that serving God pays; especially if you
are serving Him according to His rules and not by
grudging or of necessity or because someone is
forcing you to serve.
Recounting a brief experience of his life to members
before Shiloh 2014 live telecast, Bishop Oyedepo
disclosed that he knew that things must turn for
him and his family when there was nothing actually
on ground but Stewardship.
The Leadership program that spans over 2hours
saw Bishop pouring out his blessings to members of
the church via Live broadcast in all viewing centres.
Just a few minutes before the close of the event,
Bishop Oyedepo wished the members of Winners’
Chapel nationwide a happy independence and
unveils the theme and date of Shiloh 2014 as listed
Shiloh 2014 Theme: heaven on Earth with scriptural
reference from Psalms 110:1-3
Shiloh 2014 Date: December 9 to December 13 ,
See: Shiloh 2014 Programme highlights .
All arrangements towards Shiloh 2014 Live Telecast
already commenced with prayers and intercession
towards that day nationwide.