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Most young adults (YA) or teenagers as some know them have certain qualities with which they thrive in the area of interest especially in writing and reading. It has been said that writing cannot be taught although there has been the argument on skills, order, perspective and creativity that should accompany any work thus making it necessary to glean knowledge from schooled folks.
However it is best that ideas come naturally to YA who intend to write their minds out and explore their Creativity. How wouldn’t it be a sad scenario to find YA-s whose dream is to work behind the scene and just simply make things happen from their minds. They don’t need to know for sure through precision how far their work can go. They just want to write and fulfil their dreams.

Quick peek into few qualities of a young adult author.

Enthusiastic minds – Most YA-s are simply been blessed from adolescent. Some are so smart they quickly pick whatever is happening around them and want to be a part of it quickly. Blimey! Someone just got an idea and wants to see the world hear or read their thoughts. A suggestion pops up in their minds – why can’t I just put it in a book maybe Mr Charles would spare me some details on how to sell my materials.

No risk mentality – Anytime you find a YA trying to get something done, they will stretch every fibre of their confidants to ensure their vision is fulfilled. Little wonder they nag when they haven’t received a reward relocation yearnings. Don’t be too surprised, it is a simple drive that has no boundaries thus needs to be curtailed by passing the right orientation to the YA so as not to dampen their confidence and creative mind.
The fear of having to find proper support in the course of interactions while the project is on matters a lot. The home invariably is the cultural site where the embryo of success or failure is nursed and prepared for its end. They need a balanced environment to think, meditate and transcribe.

Mentoring – Trust me YA-s need one and such must be good, blunt and interesting or fun to be with not steal.

Sensitive to discouragement – We live in a world where its almost impossible to dream of helping someone else without thinking of personal benefits. Would we say its just how it works – maybe, but a YA could easily misunderstand your motivation when you’re trying to take them through perspectives of what they are getting into. Writing and publishing for YA would look interesting at the beginning but the risks are just ahead and a busy parent may find it difficult to help out. We would rarely think of someone outside the family to entrust our children to especially when they are beginning to show promise. They are easily hidden from too much exposure in a bid to explore life, which could also mean protection from false friends as a result of past experiences; this could lead to anger and quick discouragement laced with resentments as the YA assumes life is a roller coaster, but the parent understands the odds.

Cultural stability – Favourable environments permits that YA-s do their work with no much hustle and still learn to keep a stable mind. Writing requires a great deal of time and ideas that are wholesome are the strength of any write up. In the middle of trying to fork out what’s necessary for a beautiful book a lot could happen – holidays, relocation


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