Letter to my Sons and Daughters…
Your worship to God can bring restoration to your health. Jeremiah 30:17, The bible says I will restore HEALTH unto thee.
The reality of life says a praiseful heart has the most Joyful moment all around Him or Her, proverb 14-17.
Act 16:25-26, I discovered in this scripture that Paul and Silas sang praises to God, the “praise” in that contest is ” they sang worship ” to God in the spirit and in truth, the foundation of the prison was Shaken and their chain were loosed.
Worship to God releases the hand of God to loose all your bounds. A woman had Cancer in her Body as the worship to God was raised this woman received instant healing.
In a revelation God showed me, i saw worshippers worshiping His majesty at the early hour in a pool, suddenly an outbreak of diverse signs and wonders erupted, amputated legs grow back, the root of cancer was destroyed, the Blind see. John 5: 1-8
I prophesy to the reader today as you read every forces of oppression to your health is destroyed today in Jesus Name. Amen

Therefore let the praises of the Lord be heard in all, sing from the depth of your heart and you will testify. Amen

By psalmeben
De’branch Worshippers