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International multi-award wining artist Byron Cage is getting ready to release a new song titled Isolation.
This project is a 10 tracks songs which will be dropping 27th September 2019.

Byron Cage “Isolation” Credits

Great I Am

Clarence Singleton

Malaco World Music BMI/Music of PraiseBMI

I Can’t Give Up

Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

You Are

Clarence Singleton, Eric Davis and Damon Whitehurst

Malaco World Music BMI//Music of Praise BMI

Malaco Universe Music ASCAP/E Dav Music ASCAP/Damon Whitehurst ASCAP

Oh How Good It Is

Chris Byrd

Malaco World Music BMI/Mr. Que Music

It’s Yours

Clarence Singleton and Eric Davis

Malaco World Music BMI/Music of Praise BMI

Malaco Universe Music ASCAP/E Dav Music ASCAP

All Things

Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

You Are God

Richard Cory, Maurice Henderson and Marc Dickerson

Malaco World Music BMI/Richard Cory Johnson BMI/Maurice Henderson BMI

Malaco Universe Music ASCAP/Marc Dickerson ASCAP

Raising Up

Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

It’s Won

Byron Cage and Alex Hill

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music BMI/Hillegacy Publishing BMI


Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

Great I Am, You Are, Oh How Good It Is, its Yours & You Are God

-Produced by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough for Keymeup Music

Engineering and Editing by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough and Kristin Black

Programing, drum loops, coloring, aux keys and organ Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough.

Drums/Desmond Davis, Bass/Rob Woolridge, Piano/Marshon Lewis,

Electric Guitar/Jeremiah Sutton, Acoustic Guitar/Sam Mitchem , Strings/

Tyries Wolfe.

All Things, Isolation, Can’t Give Up, It’s Won & Raising Up

-Produced by Alex Hill for Hillegacy Productions

Co-production & add. Keys, “All Things” Brandon Jones.

Keys, Organ & Aux keys/Alex Hill. Bass/ Anthony “AJ” Brown.

Acoustic Guitar/Mark Strawbridge. “All Things”: Guitar/Thomas Laskey,

Drums/Elisha “Doogie” Parris. “Can’t Give Up”: Guitar/Kevin “Fly Guy” Byrd,

Drums/Terrell Johnson, Horns/Lloyd Barry. “It’s Won”: Guitar/Clay Benjamin,

Drums/Terrell Johnson, Horns/Lloyd Barry. “Raiding Up”: Guitar/Steve Gallatan,

Drums/Devin Way. Additional vocal production Dontaniel Jamel& Ron Poindexter. Editing,

Drum loops & additional coloring/Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough (“Raising UP & All


Executive Producer Byron Cage & James D. Robinson Jr.

Produced by Dontaiel Jamel Kimbrough & Alex Hill

All songs mixed by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough

Mastered by Kent Bruce for Malaco Music Group

Photography by JoVenTosh for “a brand nu u”

Cover design & layout Maalik Miles for Malaco Music Group

Choir Vocals mixed by Brian Lofton

Choir Vocals/Charles Butler & Trinity

BVG’s/ Ron Poindexter, Torri Rogers, Kansas Stevens, Jenifer Jones, Mashonda Husky, Candis Nicole, Chris Michael, Brianna Thompson