Do you know that by the arrangement of God you are meant to constantly change seasons,

go from one phrase to another, climbing higher one year to another?

Do you also know you can also live your life until the day you die and not have a new year?

Every new year talks about a new dispensation. Sadly, time and time again, people have

lived and died never knowing a new year or experiencing anything tangibly different in a

positive sense.

Today, as you read this post, that can change!

As we approach the end, you won’t end empty.

Whatever you have lost in 2015, by the intervention programme of God, there is total

recovery for you.


By Prophetic Advancement 2015!

God by His finger shall yet advance men.

Prophetic Advancement is not a church convention. It is a holy convocation at the instance of

God. It is God calling that trumpet to be sounded; commanding that the people be gathered

so He may promote them.

Now, this post is doing exactly that; sounding the trumpet to whoever is interested.  Anyone

who attends Prophetic Advancement has simply obeyed the call of the Almighty. He has

recognized that no amount of labour, toiling or running around, no level of connection, nor

depth of intellect can promote anybody and that no one can have a change of level except

God changes that level.

The race is not to the swift. The battle is not to the strong!

1 Samuel 12:6

And Samuel said unto the people, It is the LORD that advanced Moses and Aaron,

and that brought your fathers up out of the land of Egypt.

Everything good is possible in Prophetic Advancement!

NO ONE attends two Prophetic Advancements on the same level. No one is permitted

to do so!

 It is a time of total visitation – Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

 It is a time when age long bondages and captivities are broken.

 It is your set time for promotion

Psalm 75:6

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the


But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.


To get promoted by God, the lifter of men, you must plan and prepare for it.

Why should you come for Prophetic Advancement?

You are coming to Prophetic Advancement

 To celebrate God’s faithfulness in dangerous thanksgiving and sacrifices;

 For your spiritual and physical routine check-up, servicing, overhauling and

 To secure your multiple promotions for the next 12 months.


Prophetic Advancement is about determining your 2016.


1. The greatest daily harvests of miracles and breakthroughs usually occur during this

event. It is a time for unprecedented and massive harvest of souls. It is a time for an

outbreak of revival.

2. For fifteen (15) years – since December 2000, countless number of families,

individuals and organizations have come to owe their dramatic turn-arounds and

consistent success in their endeavours to Prophetic Advancement encounters. It is a

season of profuse thanksgiving and celebration of the faithfulness and mercies of God

for another year.

3. It is a divinely commanded covenant gathering for the total lifting of participants,

liberation from all that makes for stagnation and reproach, and the changing of status

of all: towards an ever increasing brighter future. Every participant must have a

change of season, the dawning of a new glorious day and prophetic multiple change

of status.

4. It is an annual covenant exercise demanding that you set aside anything and

everything to camp in His presence irrespective of your person, as an act of worship,

debasing yourself completely before Him and offering sacrifices towards compelling

His lifting hand to locate you.

5. It is a time for receiving direct personal prophetic words from God that answer your

questions, dissolve hard issues, solve problems and create a glorious new season. It

is a period where God will have to personally and practically reveal Himself to His

people in diverse ways. God perfects all that concerns His people: giving beauty for

ashes, glory for shame, and strength for weakness.

6. By the Prophetic Advancement Covenant, it is impossible for anyone to attend two (2)

Prophetic Advancements and still be on the same level. God’s people receive life

changing and destiny making impartations for another year of incredible kingdom


7. It is the choiced platform for the deliberate, effective and strategic preparation/capacity

development of Corporate, Business, Political, Christian and Professional Leaders for

better performance, greater productivity and visions/goals actualization in the coming

year. It is a season for the revelation of the mind of God for the hour to this generation.


God is exceedingly interested in Prophetic Advancement and God has His will, purpose

and plan for the event.

If you understand the mystery of Prophetic Advancement, your life will NEVER

EVER be the same again! It doesn’t take time, it only takes an encounter and you

need an encounter with the God of Advancement for maximum dominion and destiny

fulfillment. A new year is not created by calendar. A new year is created by the


So gear yourself, get online and receive. No Prophetic advancement, No new year,

No future.

This year’s edition themed: Possess The Nations, hosted by Bishop Josef Bassey,

the presiding bishop of God’s Heritage Global Mission, would feature God’s choicest

music ministers; Joe Praise, Pastor O. C. Grant, Jazarri (Abuja) and God’s Heritage

Worship Temples.

Kicking off from the 1st to the 6th of December, 2015, Morning session would hold

7.30am and Evening sessions at 5pm at The Latter Glory Cathedral, Gloryland,

God’s Heritage Avenue, off MCC Road, Calabar, Nigeria.

Enquires 08181010099, 08159558080.