Praying Without Ceasing

Jesus told His disciples a parable about a certain widow in Luke 18. This widow lived in the city where a certain judge also lived. This judge was a wicked one; he didn’t fear God and he had no regard for men.  The widow went to the judge to ask for his help, she needed him to avenge her of her adversaries. Since the judge was a wicked one, he paid no attention to the widow’s request and did nothing about it. This widow did not give up, she kept on going to the judge, she persisted until the Judge said within himself “Though I fear not God, nor regard man; yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest, by her continual coming, she wearies me.” The unjust judge eventually gave in to the request of the widow because she persevered and persisted. Jesus told His disciples this parable to teach them that men ought to pray at all times. If the unjust judge could answer the request of the widow because she persisted, how much more our God who is benevolent and gracious.

Praying without ceasing is communicating and fellowshipping with God consistently. It is not praying round the clock without stopping to work, eat, sleep e.t.c rather, it is praying consistently and making it part of your lifestyle. It is not giving up in the place of prayer even if what you are praying for seems not to materialize. When you pray you are depending absolutely on God and not your human wisdom or power, therefore, this needs to be done regularly and consistently. Praying without ceasing requires discipline; you don’t have to wait till things get worse before you start praying, you are to pray in the good and bad times.

Reasons you need to pray without ceasing:

To give thanks to God consistently for His awesomeness.

– For constant and consistent communication with the Father.

– To seek God’s guidance concerning every area of your life.

– To exhibit absolute dependence on God and trust in Him at all times.

How then can you pray without ceasing?

Sometimes, you feel the instruction to pray without ceasing can be difficult to follow because prayer is meant to be done at a certain place, in certain positions, and at certain times. However, you may have a tight schedule or be too busy which may not avail you the opportunity to pray at a certain place. How then can you pray without ceasing?

Make prayer part of your lifestyle and not an obligation

When you make prayer your lifestyle, praying without ceasing becomes easy for you. You will no longer see prayer as demanding or as something you just have to do. You’ll realize that you can pray wherever you are at any given place or time.

Incorporate prayer into your daily chores or work schedule

You may get busy with chores or work and may not have time to set apart to pray. You can incorporate prayer into whatever you are doing. While working in your office or folding laundry at home or mowing your lawn, you can pray under your breath. Audible prayers are not the only ways to pray, if you are where you can’t pray audibly, you can pray inaudibly under your breath. Note that this does not take the place of finding quality time to pray to God, it is just a way to pray despite your busy schedule.

There are times that you don’t feel like praying due to factors such as depression, sickness, weariness, having feelings that you are far from God. That is a perfect time to pray. When you don’t feel like praying is the time to say a word of prayer. Pray till you have a breakthrough, pray till you see your desired change, pray when you feel yourself drawing away from God. Pray without ceasing. Always remember that praying should be a lifestyle and not an obligation!