Who should give out gifts on birthdays? The celebrant or well wishers?
We are asking this because in Naija, things can be the other way round and it’s okay.

On your birthday, they’ll ask you, “So what do you have for us?” On their birthdays, they’ll still ask you, “So what do you have for me?”

Well, Same OG came prepared, it was her birthday on Thursday the 2nd of November and instead of waiting for gifts, she gave out the most powerful gift we could ever have asked for. POWER!!!

The confident lyrically gifted rapper and vocally blessed singer admits that “I can’t do this on my own” as she rains down God’s Power like shower.

The Power Viral Video is a soulful rap song from her latest offering – UNVEILED LP. POWER being one of the most loved songs on the LP.

Who knows what she is has in store? An official video? A tour? A concert?. Same OG can be quite unpredictable but our fingers are crossed.

For now, let’s enjoy POWER!


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