Nigeria’s First Female Oil Billionaire Folorunsho Alakijafolorunsho-ala

Warns Single Searching For Life Partners.Nigeria’s first female oil Billionaire Mrs Folorunsho Alakija has advised singles looking and searching for life partners to do so the right way and in a Godly manner.

Speaking at the concluding part of the single and searching programme organised by the Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International, which held in Lagos recently, Alakija, who is also the head of the ministry, urged the participants to live in accordance with the teachings of the Bible as regards relationship.

A statement signed by Folake Majin on behalf of the ministry, noted on Friday that single people from across the country participated in the programme, titled ‘Single and Searching part 2.’

It added, “Singles, couples and parents across ages, backgrounds and walks of life received helpful tips and advice from Mrs. Folorunso Alakija.

“The servant-leader advised those who are single and searching for life partners on how to do so in a Godly and Christian manner. Many questions were asked by the participants including how to maintain a Godly relationship while single, how to handle abusive relationships, how to know the right partner, and other important aspects of relationships. And the people who attended the programme were glad to have been a part of it. It was very successful.”

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