I Am SAGE and blessed with a gifted team TWcrew. and am sure you will be wondering what the meaning of Sage and TWcrew? Sage is the acronym for my names which in a way reflect my personality. SAGE (Sunday. Abiodun. Gbenga. Emmanuel) and TWcrew is simply TRUE WORSHIP CREW. At some point in my music-life, praise and worship was the only thing I love to do, and all through my growing up days Godly music was my passion, not until when I sought the face of the Lord as regards what to do with my life, and at that point it turned into a calling. The ministry is centered on making sure the entire universe Glorify the Lord and sing of His praises. Isaiah 42:12 The devil is a Liar is our debut single with the video coming out in few weeks from now. Christ has done it all, paid for it and you should never allow the enemy deceive you with lies. Your happiness, prosperity and dominion in every sphere of life is paid for in Christ. It’s a simple song where we couldn’t even capture the whole story, by dwelling more on the powerful, glorious and wonderful nature of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope it will birth faith in the heart of every believer in their walk with Christ.

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