Her musical journey is nothing but a testimony to God’s everlasting providence in her life. A British born Nigerian singer – songwriter, Chica Michelle demonstrated her passion for singing at a very young age and has not stopped ever since.

In the early 2000, she worked with state radio stations in Nigeria, top radios DJ’s and entrepreneurs develop promotional jingles which made her a sought after artist of her time. Chica took a long break from music to raise her two beautiful children.

She expresses her undying love for God through her music.

Sharing the testimony behind her debut single titled ”Give Him Praises”, Chica said ”I was at this stage in my life where I strongly believed challenges were obstacles rather than tools that can mould and shape your destiny. I believe now that part of my growth and maturity relies on how I handle the effects of those challenges. My struggles and how I dealt with them made my journey extremely difficult because I was relying on my own strength and capabilities. It became evident afterwards that without the grace of God, who is the Giver of all good gifts, I could not do anything that I would find satisfactory. So I learnt to relinquish total control to God and allow Him to guide my steps.

I met Seyi Ademiju, my producer, to discuss my music project. The plan was to work on a worship song I wrote in 1996, but that changed when he made me listen to a beat. I was hit with the words right there at that moment and all I did was sing without a hitch….praise him cos am thankful. It felt right to praise Him first because God has done an an amazing job at being patient with me. He could have given up on me but on the contrary He did not. I owe Him too much and since praise is all He can take in appreciation for His Love then I will give Him praises”. – Chica Michelle


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Praise Him
Praise Him
I am thankful
Praise Him
Praise Him
I am grateful

Lord for your blessing
For your mercies
Lord for your favours
Falling down like rain
Thank you for giving
Thank you for patient
Thanks for your Love
That comes new everyday

I’ll give Him praises
Come give him praises
I’ll give Him praises
For the things that he has done
I’ll bow before him
Come bow before him
In adoration
For the things that he has done
I’ll lift him higher
Higher, higher
For the things that he has done
I call him faithful
For the things that he has done

Ad lib

Thanks for forgivenesses
Thank you for graces
Thanks for provision
You supplied my every need
Lord for the present
For all the past times
Lord for the future all in your care



I have searched the whole world over …yeah
To find me …yes to find me
Someone greater…see
There’s nothing that the Lord wouldn’t do for you
He is powerful, all glorious and so many more
Lord you are.
Lord you are ehhhh

Everybody come along and praise Him
Children all over praise Him
Move your body and praises him
I will always forever..praise Him
Mamas.. papas praise Him
Let the whole world praise Him
We will always forever praise him
Count your blessings praise Him
Count your blessings praise Him
We will always praise him

Spoken words

Lord I thank you
Lord I bless you
For my children
For my family
Good health
I thank you
For yesterday
For today
For the future Lord
I leave in your hands
And I’ll praise you
I’ll thank you
And I will not be afraid
Cos you are always with me

Praise Him x3
I will always
Always praise him x2
I will always always praise him
Come on and praise him
Go on and praise him
Let everyone go
Come on and praise him
Children praises him
Fathers praises him
With our whole heart

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