Happy New month to everyone, we appreciate God for this new month of fuitfuness.
With the mandate to propagate the gospel of Christ to the ends of the world, we are firmly convinced by the ability of God’s word to radically transform lives.

This month God sent this word “Be Fruitful and Multiply ” Genesis 1:28. God as ordained every nine months for fruitfulness, transformation and birth. At every nine month every pregnancy must be given birth to, and this carries a great significance of Friutfulness.

Nine in the scriptures also termed the fruits of the Spirit Galatians 5:22. Every human being needs a friut for transformation from the terrestrial to the celestial. As we all know the September stands for the ninth month I’m the year.

I prophesy in Jesus every power holding my fruitfulness destroy now in Jesus name.

I decree and declare my month of multiplication and fruifulness.

I receive my testimony baby this month, I am pregnant.

Every of my dreams becomes reality this month.

This new month I am a testimony that the world will see.

I live in abundance and riches from above in Jesus Name. Amen

If by any means you want to be partaker of this blessings and you find yourself not inclined to the will God.
John 3:16 part B says that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Say this pray Lord Jesus I leave all my sins at your feet, cleanse me wash me with your blood. I believe that you died for me to give me life eternal.
I accept you as my Lord and saviour today and forever. Amen

Greetings from TRradio Admin.