Happy New months to every one. This morning the Lord gave me a word for you “Divine Help from Above”.

Help is a word which can be termed total dependence in any form, this dependence brings ease to every difficult suitiations.

Psalm 60: 11, Give us help from trouble cos vain is the help of man. In every areas of our lives we need help, in the beginning of the world God sees that Help is very important He created Woman for Man to Help.

*Help from Above

Everyone in life needs help from God… The bible says” by strength shall no man prevail” . A divine help is needed to every difficult situations.

Read Luke 5: 1 -9.

Peter receives a divine help from God that even when fishing he couldn’t get any result, but when they meet Jesus the result came they caught full nets filled to the extent that they couldnt draw it. This is a great example of Help from Above.

Remember “give us help from trouble cos vain is the help of man” …


*Never seek help from any man.

*Never believe in your ability alone.

Gods ability and Help is better than that of man.


I prophesy that God will send you divine help where you never expect this month.

This month is a month of help…  I prophesy to your finance to receive supernatural help and increase.

This month will favour you.

God will make you to Laugh and dance for Joy this month in Jesus Name. Amen





Happy New month 

From the Admin