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Christopher Gray is a multi-cultural musician, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Being the 6th of seven siblings, he comes from a very talented family of singers and musicians. Christopher was born and raised in the inner-city part of Jackson, MS USA. Through the hard times and struggles with poverty, Christopher often remembers one of the most significant days of his life when his mother sought out to invest in it. She purchased for Christopher and the rest of his siblings a portable keyboard with all kinds of tunes in it from various cultures. This was the start of destiny for him. During his early years, he began to write and compose various works. He received a great deal of recognition from music programs at the schools he attended from elementary school to the collegiate level. Not knowing that he would one day be a singer, he always considered himself “just a pianist,” in which he was pretty good at. Since he was a little boy, Christopher took voice lessons not knowing exactly why he was doing so. It wasn’t until later in his young adult life that he found himself in the struggle of his life: Christopher found himself in a state whereas he couldn’t keep a job secured and it left him in a state of feeling lost in the wilderness. One day he found grace with the Lord, who opened his eyes to his purpose in life. Christopher began to lead the praise and worship services at his church, in which he played the piano and sang. Christopher developed as a singer very quickly and soon after began to work on his first solo album, So You Can Receive, which is in stores now. Since then he has released 1 single, I Need You, which is also available on iTunes. More music is to come from the mass musician! More to come!

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