Today: 2016-01-20

Any one or system that doesn’t have standard cannot stand. No system lasts beyond the standard that is in place. You can not live beyond the visionary and administrative standard you build for yourself.

Your standard is the protection to your destiny.

Without standard destiny will turn to destitute.

Build standard Maintain standard Improve on standard But never, never change standard.

Your standard is your identity.

Those who compromise standard will loose their identity. Don’t bend if you don’t want to blend.

Once you blend you loose your identity.

Stand out if you want to end as outstanding.

Never live your life or organization on the platform of union where ?just anything goes.

If anything, relate in unity that is built in principles and standards. Guard yourself from every deviation by maintaining standard.

What then is standard? It is a frame within which a system is governed, guarded and guided in pursuit of its visionary and administrative endeavours.

Destiny goes down whether of individuals or of any society when standard is lowered.

Level of standard is the ultimate measure and quality of a person/society.

If you keep standard people around will naturally grow to catch up with it.