“The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works”- Psalms 145:9

God is good to all, says the scriptures and His tender mercies are over all His works.
To all here means to everyone on earth, to all creations of God, entirety of all He created. And His works also means to all that He made, all His creations.
For this two categories; the all and the works, you are inclusive and not exclusive.
So, God is good to you and His tender mercies is over you because you are part of the all and His works.
You didn’t do anything to get this from Him. He was just good and bestowed His tender mercies naturally on you, because He’s a good and merciful God, that’s His nature.
So, as you are, Gods goodness and mercies are on you. Gods plan and mind for you is goodness and mercy. God doesn’t have, plan or want evil for you or wickedness. In fact no evil or wickedness is found in God towards you. God does no evil towards all His creations.
Have a right mentality, perspective and revelation of God as the good and merciful God. Also have the same about your life, that you have Gods goodness and mercies on you. An understanding of this will make you find favor in life. It will bring the manifestation of good things all around and about you.
God is good to you, His tender mercies is on you.
Aside the physical and natural goodness and mercy of God to you. The special goodness and mercies He shows to all is Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is an expression of Gods goodness and mercy on you. No matter what you are in life, without you been identified with Christ Jesus, you have not received this special goodness. There is a limit to what you can enjoy of the Lord, though His goodness and mercy is readily available unto you, but you’ve refuse to receive Jesus Christ the expression of this goodness and mercy. Identification with Jesus Christ qualifies you for the manifestations of all the fullness of Gods goodness and mercy.
So as Gods creation, you have his goodness and mercy on you.
In Christ you step into the goodness and mercy of God that surpasses the natural and physical. That’s what’s on you in Christ.
So don’t see or talk yourself as the one that lacks goodness or favor or won’t get mercy, No! All these things are what you are crowned with. Be on the look out of the manifestation daily. And acknowledge God for it at all times.

DECLARATION: Things are getting better in the order of God for me, because of Gods goodness and mercy that is on me, Glory to God

©Oluwaleke Ifeoluwa
Godly Impact