“Is any among you afflicted? let him pray….”- James 5:13

In life we may face some situations that are not palatable, face some challenging and down casting situations. It might be afflictions or any of such things that bring a lot of pains to us. The truth is that, for such situation, God is not the one in charge of it, God doesn’t make people unhappy or afflicted, but He is certainly aware of it.

And he does not only want to be aware of it, but rather He has the power to make a change about it to our favor and comfort, for the glory of His name and kingdom.

So that situation or so called affliction is not the end of your life, that’s not your destiny in Christ, there can be a change by the power of God, when we pray to God about them. Gods will is not affliction for us, that’s why when we raise our voice and desires to Him in prayers, there would be a change and conformity to His will.

That affliction or bad situation won’t change to a good one, if you keep watching it, talking about it and complaining. It will only go worse by that. But talking to the situation from the lights of the scriptures, letting God know our desires in prayer is what will bring a change. This is the scriptural way to coming out of that affliction, the word says, are you afflicted?, then pray.

When we pray about those things, there will always be a shift for the better, if at all there is one or two things to do for the change to happen, God reveals them to us in the place of prayer.

Don’t be tired of praying(laying your desires, believing and confessing what the word says, thanking and praising God) about that issue to God, there will surely be a change for the better, so far it’s God you are directing it to, He will come to your help and change things.

As you pray things get better fit you in Jesus name.