GODLY IMPACT FOR TODAY (Thursday, April 21, 2016)


“And Jesus, replying, said to them, Have faith in God [constantly]”- Mark 11:22, AMP

After the incidence of the drying up of the fig tree, which was effected by the spoken words of Jesus Christ, which led to the astonishment of the disciples, Peter in particular. Jesus gave His word on how to get such results. Jesus said Have faith in God (constantly).

That’s how to get something with God. Faith in God gets things done for us, it get God to be union with our desires and workings in life. Faith in God gives us the God order of results. Faith in God will cause us to walk in the realm and provision of God. Faith in God gives us miracle with God. Every result Jesus got, we too can also get it through faith in God.

Our senses or things happening around us will never support us to having faith with God, No! They will never. It is the word of God that can only get us and keep us to have faith in God. Faith in God is not dependent on what we know through our physical senses, but dependent on the word of God. Because faith is not physical, but rather a spiritual substance gotten by the revelation of the word.

Sit with the word of God, take your reference from it, doing what it tells you to do, even at the face of situations, still keeping your gaze on the word and seeing it, as your determinant, thanking God for what it says and confessing it, that’s how to have faith in God constantly.

The God order of results are only for those with God order faith, those that has taken God and His word to be their determinant and final say.

And you can’t have faith in God, without Christ, Christ is the foundation of any faith in God, say yes to Jesus Christ for your faith to be towards God and get the results of God.

DECLARATION: I have faith in God at all times, I believe in His words, I take Him at His words in Jesus name.

©Oluwaleke Ifeoluwa

    Godly Impact