ARKcelerate! Template1. For us ‘called &sent’ as Gifted artisans. We access “now divine knowledge” in techniques, strategy to move music.. to move the Church.. Industry &Ministry working together in our hands as tools of kingdom brand- the Jesus brand, changing society, being the best, solving problems, growing rich, building the church etc


our ministry is not against the industry, rather the industry is our ministry..



Arkcelerate – Template 1 accomodates all Christian Musicians raised and called to the church (Ministry)also to new generation Christian Musicians in the industry ( Business)..


I see an increase in the Church’s investment/involvement as a Change agent in ministry and industry.

Discipleship vs Strategy..


More thoughts / insights at ARKCELERATE’ – Template 1

Next week Saturday @The Bamboo Shed, Technical College, Dada Estate, Osogbo.. 8am





Choirs- N3000

Individuals- N200


Auditions takes place after the conference for all registered choirs.

Winner- Gets a free audio production of a track by the SA trained Audio Engineer, Dharpsykord.


Best Vocalist/Songwriter, also gets a free audio production of a track


It will be my honour and the ARKcelerate Team’s privilege to welcome you to this event in person





Abraham Cornerstone