Today: 2015-12-02

Life without a cause will end under a cloud.

Living without a cause is like living  under a curse.

Cause is the cure to fainting. With a cause you cannot faint. II Cor.4:16,17

Strong people are those motivated by their cause.

It is the greatest motivation to life. It makes one tireless and ever “drivy”.

A man with a cause is usually self encouraging.

Keeping in view what awaits you is what gives you strength to waiting.

If you know what awaits you, you will never be tired of waiting.

If you see the gains you will never feel the pains.

Pains don’t last, it is gains that endure.

Pain will soon fade out, gains will make you fat and make you shine.

Your cause will put you on the run, make you boisterous; keeps you motivated.

It is your cause that keeps you inspired.

When you have no more cause, you expire – II KI.4:7,8

It is your cause that advances you