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The word FOCUS is a big deal that sounds so complacent and with so many questions,

Mr Akpan: Be focused…
Daughter: Ok Daddy but I have tried my best.
I am tired of doing things over and over with no results...

What is focus? 

Focus is a central point of attraction, attention, or activity, a resolute point to keep pressing on.

Physics defines Focus as a point at which rays of light, heat, or other radiation meet after being refracted or reflected.

It is not just a binocular lens but a forward moving frequency that does not shift its stands in motion.

Focus comes with a die-hard spirit, I need a breakthrough and nothing less. 

Focus is a spirit of Faith alive in Hope, pulling down every strongholds and nothing else.

Focus pushes you beyond the imaginable.

In the journey of life i realised that accomplishment comes with Focus and everyone who want to move beyond the norm must see this word as a tool to achieving your goals.



Focus is positive and can also be negative.

Focusing on the wrong things can be more dangerous than any thing.

Identify what God wants for you and be Focus at it.

If you want to fulfill destiny you need Focus.

Think through this one Word “FOCUS”.

I believe this will inspire you to stay FOCUSED.