Leadership Lifestyle

Myles Munroe quoted in his book “every human has the instinct and capacity for leadership, but most do not have the courage or will to cultivate it” and so they either remain as followers or leaders without a good lifestyle.

The reason why we all complain about the government in Nigeria is because of the lifestyle of most of our so called “leaders”. If they can get it right then every citizen would smile again. The reason why you complain about your boss’s judgement or the organization you work with, is because of poor leadership. Everything rise and falls on this same platform called leadership.

So I will be dwelling on this topic for a very long time, because it’s so important that we understand the importance of leadership and how we all can act towards it. True leaders are distinguished by a unique mental attitude. How do you relate with people around you?

Jesus showed us what it takes to lead a certain group of people as he related with His disciples on daily basis, and the crowd that followed him from one city to another. At a point scriptures tell us that He saw the crowd and realised that they must have been hungry and would be wrong to ask them to go without a meal. So he looked out for meeting their physical need immediately. You would notice that Jesus didn’t just ask his disciples to solve the puzzle of providing food for the crowd as some leaders will do. He ensured that He played his role to providing the food for his disciples and the crowd that was with him.

As leaders we must understand that leadership is not about your title but your ability to take responsibility of those that has been committed in your hands. It’s your duty to care, nurture and provide for their needs. Not only spiritual needs as some of us do but also physical, financial and others as the case may be. Make up your mind to lead right. Leadership is all about attitude.

I’m Israel Oriaku
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