Shade Kings Oyewusi’s lyric video for her latest single “Praise Medley” is out.

Music was produced by Adewole Adesanya (Mr Wols) and lyrics video created by Award winning Oluyinka Davids (iFocus pictures). The official music video is on the way.

Be blessed as you sing and praise along with the lyrics.

Watch lyric video below:



Are we ready to give the Lord some quality praise in this place ha!
Our God is good and is worthy to be praised
It’s a new day
Its new dawn
I will rejoice and be glad in it
It’s a new day
Its new dawn
I will rejoice and celebrate my God

My Praise is ready say
My Praise is ready; My Praise is ready My Praise is ready oh oh oh

I will rise up and shine
I will rise up and shine
I will rise up and shine
for Jesus

I will dance, dance
He has done so much for me
I will dance, dance for Jesus

Shout for joy, sing oh oh oh
Oda na Jaiye egbo oro ti mo fe so (Listen to what I want tosay)
Ayo mi ma lo kun (My joy is full)
Baami lose be be (My father is doing wonders)
lo dami si doni o (He kept me till today)
O gbemi soke seri iberu o ma si (He lifted me, no more fears )
Mo komole yin Baba logo everybody say (I’ll prostrate and give God the dlory)
Everybody say

Shout for joy, sing oh oh oh

You are lifted high, high high high high
You are lifted high high high
My Jesus you are lifted high, high high high
You are lifted high , high high oh oh oh
Jehovah Shammah oh oh oh oh
You are lifted high
Jehovah Nissi rock of ages, Jehovah Shalom
You are lifted high

You are lifted high high high, high
You are lifted high high high
My Jesus you are lifted high, high high high
You are lifted high, high high oh oh oh
My great Redeemer oh oh oh
You are lifted High
Hey, My lover, great provider Jesus,
You are lifted high

Osemi lore o (He had done me well)
mo wadupe o (I’ve come to give thanks)
Jesu semi lore oooo (Jesus has done me well)
Mowa dupe o (I’ve come to give thanks)

He’s so good, He’s so good, He’s so good to me
My God is so good
He’s so good oh
My God is so good to me

Everybody lift Him higher
Higher, higher,
Higher, higher
Higher, higher, higher eh

Yabo ga Yesu oh oh
yabo ne
Yabo ga Ubangiji Yesu –Yabo ne
Yabo ga Yesu –Yabo ne (Praise To Jesus)

Mai girma ne (The greatest one)
Mia ceto ne (The savior)
Masoyi na ne (My lover)
Mai gafara ne (The one that forgives)
Yabo ga Yesu/2x (Praise be to Jesus)
Otitito dirgi eh /4x
Jesus Jesus,

Otito dirigi, eh ( praise to you)
Nma nma dirigi eh (goodness to you)
Eh Yaweh Dirigi (Prase to Yaweh)
Jesus, eh
Jesus, eh
Jesus eh
Jesus eh
Nma Nma , Nmama Chineke
Nma nma Nma nma Nama Nam Chineke/4x (God is good)
Keleya, keleya, keleya, – Keleya Chineke /4x (praise Him, Praise God)
Ogozi ri ma gozi , O tin yere jara (in blessings He has blessed me, and added more blessings to me).


Shade Kings Oyewusi is a Canadian-Nigerian worship leader, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. She is set to bless the world with her music ministry. She is also an Educator and lover of little children. She has been singing since she was 8 years old. Shade Kings was a leader of NIFES Choir back in the university days in Sokoto. She also started the choir in RCCG Kuwait and RCCG Lighthouse Canada. She has graced the stage with Daddy GO during Canada Saskatoon Rally, also with Ron Kenoly of the United States. Shade Kings is happily married to Minister Niyi Oyewusi and currently resides in Canada with her family. Above all, the name of Jesus alone is to be glorified through worship and praise.


Twitter: @SadeKingsOye
Facebook: Dcns Shade Esther Oyewusi
Instagram: @ShadeKingsOye


Purist Ogboi is rapidly being established, not only as a highly anointed and passionate Worshipper, but also as a powerful vocalist with a knack for excellence in every aspect of her ministry. Her positive impact in the UK Gospel scene in the last year is undeniable. Following a busy period of ministry, Ìdírí mu mà is the fifth single to be released from Purist’s critically acclaimed debut album, THE ENCOUNTER. Since the release of The Encounter album, in addition to multiple award nominations across various awarding bodies, Purist recently bagged the award of Best Newcomer at the prestigious Premier Gospel Awards UK.

Ìdírí mu mà, which literarily means “You are good to me”, is a multi-lingual up-tempo song of praise which testifies of God’s goodness and faithfulness. November 2015, Purist received the song in a dream.

Ìdírí mu mà’s catchy melody and joyful tone facilitates an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord in dance. So get your dancing shoes on, pick up your tambourine and give God quality praise with Ìdírí mu mà.

Produced by Evans Ogboi

Video Directed by Iyke Eche of H.S Ideas


Watch the video below;

‘Idi Ri Muma’ Lyrics

Come on clap your hands like this
Come on come on everybody
Yeaaaaaa heyyyyyyyyyyy
You worthy of our praise

When I think of your goodness
And all you’ve done for me
And I think of your kindness
And how you rescued me
Lord I sing of your mercies
And faithfulness to me
I can’t contain it but shout out loud
You’re worthy to be praised

Onwegi-ihe diri-gi-ike ime-nuwa
(There is nothing impossible for You to do in this world)

Soso-gi buchi ne-menma
(You’re the only God that does good)

(The one that does good)

Agama jagi nma
(I’ll praise you)

idiri-mu-ma oh 2x
(You’re good to me)

Ome-mma eh eh
(The one who does good)

(You are good to me)

Ekene diri-gi oh oh 2x
(Thanks be to You)

Ome-mma eh
(The One who does good)

Ekene diri-gi oh
(Thanks be to You)

When praises go up

The blessings come down

You deserve the lifting of my hands

Holy holy Lord God almighty

King of all creation

Lifter of my head

Connect with Purist Ogboi

*Instagram: Purist_ogboi

*Twitter: Purist_ogboi

*Facebook: Purist Ogboi

*YouTube: Purist Ogboi


Video: Decovenant – He Reign on High ft Asebe Jose [@decovenant]

Here is another awesome worship song from Lawrence & DeCovenant titled “He Reigns on High” featuring another powerful singer Asebe Jose.

The song is a powerful worship song that glorifies the name of Jesus. Enjoy and be blessed.

Get Decovenant album on BoomPlay:


Instagram: @decovenant || @lawrencedecovenant
Twitter: @decovenant
Whatsapp +2348033458858.
Youtube: Lawrence & DeCovenant.

Drama: Videos from GOD UNREHEARSED 2016 by Damola Akiogbe & The Evening Sacrifice [ @DamolaWAYA ]



Where Are Your Accusers 2016, An Evening of Worship.
Here are pictures and videos from GOD UNREHEARSED held last year, November 27, 2016 to be precise.

We spoke about Samson, “Mr fi eshe sere”! (One who toys win sin!) We have been made to believe Delilah was Samson’s problem, But Samson had been toying with sin before Delilah came. Samson was not supposed to TOUCH WINE AND ANYTHING DEAD because he was a nazarite. In chapter 14, he went to a vineyard where wine is made, a lion attacked him, Samson killed the lion and ate honey from the
“carcass of a lion, but the bible records chat “he didn’t tell his parents because he knew the consequence of what he did” Read numbers chapter 6.

Samson never repented of any sin, he had no mentor, no adviser. No prayer life, no alter, no fasting, no prayer life! He had no spiritual coverage and he was a loner in his work and walk with God. Nothing pricked Samson, not even the Holy spirit that comes upon him.

He judged Israel for 20years with only 4chapters. In all of the chapters it was recorded “and the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him” but the last chapter which is 16, there was no mention of the Spirit of the Lord yet Samson was busy lifting gates to notice, and that was the chapter that brought Delilah.

He had a weakness for women yet he didn’t take time to “work” on this weakness. Delilah means “Devotee or she that weakens”! 3times she betrayed Samson yet the bible records “Samson loved her”! He loved her and trusted her!. He slept on Delilah’s knees until she cut his hair, his strength, his glory and his consecration unto God. She met him strong but left him weak…..he slept while his hair was being cut!

Yet God was faithful, “his hair began to grow”! Then for once HE PRAYED! Meaning no matter how low sin has reduced you, if u talk to God, God can WIN AGAIN THROUGH YOU. May the strength and grip of sin be broken in our lives…..

Kindly watch the videos below:



Facebook Profile: Damola Akiogbe
Facebook Page: Where Are Your Accusers
Twitter: @DamolaWAYA
Instagram: whereareyouraccusers


c/o 4B, Akinwale St. Off Yaya Abatan St,
Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

MP: 234+(0) 806 2452 682
LL: 234+(0) 702 9092619


Music minister, songwriter and vocal coach, Nene Uko has released the highly anticipated official music video for her latest single “Hearken Unto Me.”

Directed by Grace Kemi productions, the video was shot on location in the United Kingdom.

According to Nene, “In times of prayers, fastings and seeking the face of the Almighty God, ‘Hearken Unto Me’ is the song that befits your prayer points.

“My earnest prayer for you is that, may God hearken unto your cry, send you help, and open the book of remembrance to show you His goodness, in Jesus’ Name.”


Audio download Below

Hearken Unto Me By NeneUko

Watch video below:


Hear my cry Oh God
Oh Hearken unto me /x3
Jehovah hearken unto me
Hearken unto me
Daddy, hearken unto me
Savior, hearken unto me

Jehovah, hearken unto me (hearken unto me)
Hearken unto me (Oh God that answers prayers)
Hearken unto me (Unto you that all flesh come)
Hearken unto me (hearken unto me)
Jehovah hearken unto me (Baba Oh Oh)
Hearken unto me (I’m crying at your feet)
Hearken unto me (Hear my prayer Lord)
Hearken unto me (hearken unto me)

Jehovah hearken unto me
Open the book of remembrance, Oh today
And let you name be honored in my life
Daddy open the book of remembrance, Oh today

And let your name be honored in my life (Open the book Lord)
Open the book of remembrance (the book of your remembrance)
Today (today)
And let your name be honored in my life (in my life)
Open the book of remembrance (the book of your favor)
Today (today)
And let your name be honored (in my life)
In my life (Hearken unto me)

Hearken unto me (Oh God have mercy)
Hearken unto me (hearken unto me)
Hearken unto me (send me help from the sanctuary)
Jehovah hearken unto me (Lord, hear my cry)
Hearken unto me (I have come to you Lord)
Hearken unto me (you’re my help in ages past)
Hearken unto me (Hey, Daddy o)

Jehovah hearken unto me
Open the book of remembrance (open the book of remembrance)
Today (today)
And let your name be honored (let the shame be taken away)
In my life (open the book Lord)
Open the book of remembrance (the book of your favor)

Today (today)
And let your name be honored (Let your name be glorified)
In my life (Oh)
You are the confidence that I have /x3
Jehovah, you’re the confidence that I have
You’ve been my help in ages past /x3

Jehovah, you’re my help in ages past
You are the secret place that I know /x3
Jehovah, you are the secret place that I know (He He)

Hearken unto me /x3
Jehovah, hearken unto me (I come at your feet, Lord)
Hearken unto me /x3
Jehovah, hearken unto me (Oh my Jesus)
Open the book of remembrance (the way you remembered Hannah)
Today (the way you remembered Jabez)
And let your name be honored (and let your name be honored)
In my life (in my life)
Open the book of remembrance (the way you remembered Sarah)
Today (the way you remembered Joseph)

And let your name be honored (Let your name be glorified)
In my life (Oh, you are the confidence Lord)
You are the confidence that I have /x3
Jehovah, you’re the confidence that I have
You’ve been my help in ages past /x3
Jehovah, you’re my help in ages past
You’re the secret place that I know /x3
Jehovah, you are the secret place that I know (You are the confidence that we have)
You are the confidence that I have /x3
Jehovah, you’re the confidence that I have (You are my help in ages past)
You’ve been my help in ages past /x3
Jehovah, you’re my help in ages past
You’re the secret.

Nene Uko is an anointed music minister of God, songwriter and Vocal Coach, who started singing at the age of 4. This talented music prodigy horned her gift from the children’s choir. She went on to working with musical groups and bands and became unarguably one of the leading female voices at the HOTR choir in Lagos Nigeria while she served her gift..Nene came out with her hit single Temi dara in 2007 which launched her fully as a Christian Music Artiste in the Nigerian Music Industry.

She has ministered alongside Sammie Okposo, Midnight Crew, Chevelle Franklin, Kim Burrell, Kirk Whalum, Wole Oni, Cobhams Asuquo, and a host of others. After being the Vocal Coach on NIGERIAN IDOL,for 3 seasons she now runs her own record label, vocal training and Music Publishing Company SOULDIVA MUSIC which caters to Artistes,Individuals, Music Troupes and Corporate bodies..

Nene’s passion for Kingdom work has taken her to Ghana, South Africa, Amsterdam, America, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Her ministry also includes supporting/counselling young women in the area of their Vision. Counselling rape/domestic abuse victims,which has birthed the I AM WOMAN FOUNDATION.

She’s married to her best friend, Producer and one of Nigeria’s most sort after Jazz Pianist’s Ini’Dminstrel, they are blessed with 4 children.


Twitter: @NeneUko

Instagram: @NeneUko

Facebook: Nene Uko

YouTube: Nene Uko



Worship Leader & Psalmist, GRACE UKATUNG celebrates her birthday today, Friday, April 21 and to mark the occasion she has released the audio and video for her spanking new single – Idi Ebube.

According to her: “”Idi Ebube” is a powerful worship song that will enrich your spirit. It is not just a usual song, it is a song that will fill you with God’s presence and increase your hunger for deeper fellowship with God.”


Audio produced by Ezekiel Joel

Video directed by Maurizio Ghiotti.

DOWNLOAD “Idi Ebube”



Enjoy watching the video below:



Spoken word:

Hmmmmm I’m still alive

Ebube dike has done it again


Arugbo ojor oooo

You are the ancient of days

Great and Mighty one

Agunechemba one

You are the God of awesome wonder

Eeeh Chukwu iburu mmadu

All Sufficient God

There is no one like you

Ch: Idi Ebube, Immarama

Odironye di Ka gi

Idi Ebube

You parted the red Sea

You made the blind to see

Even the lame they walk

All power belongs to you

You are my bright and morning star

My miracle working God

All power belongs to you

There is no one like you

Omemma 3x

Your healing Power is available

There is no situation too hard for you to do

All Power belongs to you

In heaven and on earth

Ch. Idi Ebube, Immarama

Odironye di Ka gi

Idi Ebube. …2x

I see your mighty Power

Breaking every chain

Setting the captives free

Healing all the sick

You are the God of all possibilities

The unchangeable changer

There is nothing impossible

To you great and Mighty God

Ch. Idi Ebube, Immarama

Odironye di Ka gi

Idi Ebube …2x

Arise and heal your people Lord

Arise and heal our land

Arise and fight our battles Lord

Arise Arise Lord

Jehovah Jehovah

Jehovah Jireh

Jehovah Nissi.


Grace Ukatung is an Italian based Nigerian Gospel Artist, an acclaimed Worship Leader & Psalmist. Born in Ogoja and from Boki in Cross River State, Her love for singing developed at a very young age back in School in Cross River State. She is a seasoned worship leader who has ministered in various Gospel Events and has lead various choir.

She has won several awards and have also been nominated in several categories.

She is a convener of Intimate Worship Experience, The Unstoppable Woman Empowerment Summit, whose mission is to empower minds and transform live. Through these conferences she has had the priviledge of hosting renowned Artist and preachers such as Isabell Ogo-Uzodike (a dynamic psalmist) Faith Khan, Rita Cicarreli, Dr Sandra Houyt and a host of others. She knew at an early age that God blessed her with a melodious instrument. She vowed as a child to dedicate her life and voice to praising God for the tremendous gift he had given her

Grace demonstrates the joy of a true worshipper by inspiring and encouraging people to fullfilling destinies and to experience freedom in Christ, allowing God to transform their lives as she takes them through a journey of intimate issues that plague the hearts and minds of people today. Her music journey ultimately ends with her redirecting people back to christ. She has a burning desire to see lives transform to the glory of God. Her love for God and people is evident in all she does and in the lyrics of her songs.

Grace being an ordained Minister of the Gospel,known for her dynamic singing and ministry of the Word as she uniquely communicates God’s powerful message to His people. As a psalmist she has led thousands of people to a saving knowledge of Christ through concerts, conferences, churches and conventions around the world.

She understands and has accepted the assignment that God has entrusted her with. As a result, She is compelled to use the gifts that God has given her to win souls for His Kingdom.

She is a Multi-Gifted, Multi-talent woman. She is also a presenter of “THE RISE UP SHOW” she also owns a fashion line for Clothing and accessories known as “VICTORIOUS COUTURE” and introducing her new line “GRACE.”


Twitter | Instagram | Facebook: @GraceUkatung

Audio & Video: Lawrence & Decovenant – Sing unto the lord ft Mike Abdul [@decovenant]

Nigerian gospel music singer, song writer and music director Lawrence & Decovenant who is committed to releasing lovely songs that doesn’t only bless his listeners but has also been able to impact lives with the gospel through his music. Lawrence & Decovenant is out with a powerful and a danceable song titled “Sing unto the Lord” featuring Mike Abdul.

“Sing unto the lord” is a danceable song with good lyrics that you will enjoy listening to. The song is a must have on your play list, you can’t afford not to have the song.

Download, listen and share.

Video Link:

Twitter: @Decovenant
Facebook com: Lawrence Decovenant
Instagram: @decovenant & @lawrence decovenant

Video: BeeCee Ugboh – Constant God ft Vivien Stephen [@BeeCeeUgboh]

After the successful release of her single “Never Tire” which is still trending and has garn a lot of radio airplay, The ENGLIBO rapper and sensation singer/songwriter BeeCee Ugboh is out with the video of her song “Constant God”.

“Constant God” is a simple worship song that is easy to learn and has been enjoying massive requests and downloads all over. In the song BeeCee features another singer Vivien Stephen.
BeeCee Ugboh is indeed one of Nigeria’s Fastest Growing Female Rapper, She is a kingdom hip hop recording artiste who raps with a blend of English and Igbo. She is also a Song writer, whose real name is Obiajulu Olabisi Ugboh; a graduate of political science from Delta State University, Nigeria. She already calved a Niche for her style of music called “ENGLIBO”.

AUDIO HERE Download Now

Connect With BeeCee Ugboh:
Facebook: BeeceeUgboh
Instagram: BeeceeUgboh
Twitter: @BeeceeUgboh

New Music + Video: GOOD MORNING + HIGHER LOVING by Ibukun [@ib_kun]

Musically gifted from birth, born in Kaduna state and raised in Lagos as an indigene of Ondo state. Ibukun, full name Mrs. Fatoyinbo Blessing, is a versatile singer; she would call her style of music Urban and Ethnically Contemporary with a squash of Hip Hop, RnB, Soft Rock with techno. Her album is almost served while her promo track is making waves on air.

Growing up, she has led many musical groups from nursery classes while in school and also a part of the church chorister. Years gone by, she was transformed into a professional singer while having opportunities to back up for gospel artist as Olufunmi, Erujeje, Mike Aremu, Flo, Efe Nathan, amongst others.

Ibukun later ventured into the world of secular music and at the age of twenty, she became fully independent and had her first corporate business card for singing as a backup vocalist in musical studios all across Lagos. As the years went by she started singing at events such as birthdays, weddings, official meetings, funerals etc.

She has backed up for artist such as Onyeka Onwenu, Tee-Mac Iseli, Tiwa savage, Choc boys, Akin (Shuga band), Babs Dee (Veentage band) , Gloria Ibru ( Gnote band) and many others.

She premieres two new singles and videos for her debut musical works: GOOD MORNING & HIGHER LOVING. Download and watch below:




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