Speak by Baptista ft Abel Assifah

You have to ‘SPEAK’ your destiny into existence, remember God called fourth things that were not as though they were. Friends, In the journey of life, there's no giving up. keep moving, keep speaking the WORD to that situation, if you don't give up, you will change the situation with your faith filled words. Remember “only the violent will take it by force” Matt 11:12. You have to be aggressive enough to SPEAK for your possessions. They are yours!


Are you sick? SPEAK to it, everything in this life has ears to hear, SPEAK to them. Locate the word of God that addresses your situations, confront the situations with the WORD (JESUS).
When the devil shows you the ugly side of life, SPEAK the word. you must learn to see things the way God sees them, whatever pain you're going through now is temporal. See every situations of life with the eyes of the spirit. 

Praise Thy Lord by Yemy Praize

Yemy Praize, a Nigerian based gospel artiste, shares a brand new gospel song tagged, "Praise Thy Lord", produced by Orakle.

"Praise Thy Lord" is a gospel worship song that appreciates the Love and Mercies of God in the life of someone close to the writer.



Yemy Praize gets inspiration to write his songs from "spending quality time with the Holy Spirit, and in the gathering of saints, with John 4:23 coming to mind".

In 2017, Yemy Praize launched his debut album, "Jesu Loba". He followed it up with another massive hit, "Iyin Ye O", where he featured gospel music minister, Mike Abdul.


Ezzy Kay had this to say about the new release: "Yebimo" is a song of gratitude to God for being so good and gracious to me. When I look back at where God picked me up from, where I am now and where He's taking me to, I'm overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.


"My music career has been a journey of grace. I thank God for bringing me into a ministry like Christ Embassy, where I've been inspired and motivated to live the victorious life of Christ, thereby maximising and utilising my potentials. I'm just so grateful to God."


Singer, Songwriter and On-Air Personality, Bendodo Oche has released a powerful new single titled - "Erujeje" (The God that answers by fire).




So to everyone going through something that has caused or is causing pain and endless tears. You feel rejected and dejected, shame seems to have covered your glory and it looks like God has forgotten you. I have got news for you, God can never fail. He can never change, He is Good personified and He wants to give you everything good. Keep your focus on Him, do not loose your praise and your faith. He will surely answer by fire. If He could close the mouth of lions for Daniel, part the red sea for Moses, open the prison for Peter, make the sun stand still for Joshua, put a baby in Sarah's arm, raise Lazarus from the dead, then permit me to say "your case is too infinitesimal". Your miracle is on the way. ERUJEJE has got you in His hands. I await your testimony. He will surely answer by fire.


Nigerian renowned Gospel artist, singer, songwriter, praise and worship leader ‘Blessing Iduh’ dished out a brand news single, tilted: “I Worship You”.

Blessing Iduh hails from Delta state but currently based in Awka. She is happily married with 4 kids and a computer science lecturer at “Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. A Federal university in Nigeria.

Her latest project ‘I Worship You’ was birth out of a heart filled with worship to God. 

Femi Fasan – ‘S’oro Mi Dayo’ [Turn My Situation into a Joyous One]

The single - S'oro Mi Dayo [Turn My Situation into a Joyous One] is a prayer in a song dedicated to the King of Kings Jesus Christ.


''Every human being will experience a challenging situation once in a while.''

''At that moment, when you are fully persuaded that God is the only solution to the issue, you will certainly find yourself in a "S'oro Mi D'ayo" prayer state.''


Shedrack Christ Ekwueme has released his debut single titled - "The Cry" (Saviours Arising).

"The whole of creation is subjected to bondage against its own will. The strain, the wearisome desire to be free from the power of Sin, of Death and of the Grave. The power of the captor over the captured. The you


“Nyele” is a word spoken by Eleme people of Rivers state, Nigeria. It expresses surprise and shows excitement for what the Lord has done. Everytime we “Nyele” the Lord we’re grateful for what He has done through the finished works of Jesus!

This is a special release by Hope Levi to celebrate his birthday this year and in his words:

“I think the essence of “Nyele” is simply because of what the Lord had done, and where He has brought us from.
When you count your blessings and name them one by one, it will surprise you what He has done and it impossible to keep silent. So, I urge us to seize every moment of the day to “Nyele” our God.”

The song was produced by Daccoustic.


Instagram | Twitter: @HopeLevi

Facebook: Hope Levi


The astounding lyrical prowess and vocal dexterity displayed in Anietie Bature’s new song “Covenant Keeping God” is nearly as epic and ecstatic as its R & B leanings, prancing strings and pounding kicks alongside the swagger and bump of an Afro Pop – fueled Hip – hop groove hinged in the song. The mellow, synth-driven track is an inspired upbeat tune, rather than a calculated attempt to chase the new, hot trends. While it is not easy to surpass her previous hits, “Covenant Keeping God” has all it takes to dominate the airwaves and slay music charts both locally and internationally. After all, Eeltouch produced it, so we can only expect nothing but the best. 

Covenant Keeping God, Anietie Bature’s third single from her forth coming album ‘My Whole Life’, is an up-tempo, laid-back rider music laced with graceful lyrics and a symphony of harmonious sounds and melodies that create an enigmatic and charismatic world in which Anietie dazzles and shines. It is a boldly arranged song of gratitude, adoration and true praise that beats with modern rhythm. Listening to the song shows how profoundly skilled and lyrically inclined Anietie is. The single is yet another reason why Anietie Bature is among the next wave of gospel stars to look out for today. I think she should be the face of contemporary gospel music in Nigeria. 

Stream, Download and share “Covenant Keeping God” with your friends and loved ones. It’s available on iTunes and The Minstrels.
You can also click the link below to download it directly. 

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