UK based gospel artiste Esther Andrea Queen is set to release her debut single after many years in the music ministry.

From our correspondence who had a chat with her …

IG @esther_andrea_queen


Q) Triumphant Radio: Please can we officially meet you?

A) I am Esther Andrea N’zue but I’m informally known as Esther Queen. I am originally from Cote d’Ivoire but based in the UK. As you would appreciate I come from a country where French is our first language, so my friends also tag me as the French girl.

I hold a degree in Economics and Business Administration.


Q) Triumphant Radio: Tell us about your background and your music life?

 A) Well, I have always been is the music ministry. This stems from following my parents to church and being in the choir from my teenage days, I guess I followed that through till the present moment. Though while growing up I was involved in other career paths. And as a young girl, I have always desired and prayed to God that ” I don’t just want to sing, but when I sing i want to see healing, deliverance and breakthroughs happening”.


Q) Triumphant Radio: Wow! so how long have you being doing music?

A) Like I previously said, I have been singing actively since my teenage days but actively took the music ministry a little seriously 5-6 years ago. I used to be in a group when I studied in India for my Post graduate degree.


 Q) Triumphant Radio: So what are your challenges since you started music ministry?

A) One of the challenges I have encountered is trying to distinguish between ministry and entertainment. Looking at the gospel music industry lately you hear some songs and get confused. But as an upcoming artist, you need to have mentors, so I look unto my mentors like Tasha Cobbs and Maranda Curtis and learn from them by observation. I have just started so I wouldn’t say I have faced much of a challenge as such.


Q) Triumphant Radio: May I ask do u have any Albums or how many single have released?

 A) I do not have an album yet but I am currently working on 2 songs. One is almost ready for release as my debut single.


Q) Triumphant Radio: Can you tell the world about your newest song release and the inspiration behind this Song…..

A) My debut track is titled Spirit of the Living God. It speaks of us as Christians yearning for the rain of the Holy spirit. I really treasure every moment in his presence. Any time i was going through difficulties , the only place i could find peace, restoration and healing was in his presence (the sweet fellowship with the spirit of God), and it always bring me back to Ezekiel 37.. humm

The spirit of  God took the prophet in the valley of dry bones..  Though he was asked to prophesy,we can clearly see that there was an atmosphere in which the prophecy was made for the dry bones to come alive (the presence of the spirit of the living God) and i always long for this atmosphere because anything I need is in his presence.


Q)  Triumphant Radio:  Do you have plan shooting the video of this song any time soon 

A) There is no immediate plan for that at the moment but you never know. As previously mentioned I have other songs and would probably need to see which one is more appropriate to release.


Q)  Triumphant Radio:  Can you tell us something about the music industry in the United Kingdom.

A) The music industry in the UK is not as pronounce as in Africa. As you must have noticed, the gospel is beginning to die down in the UK. That’s why we as Christians have a duty to keep preaching the gospel through our songs to the community in which we belong. Then our songs can be appreciated more. The UK music has a ‘sound’ in which you can identify it. I’m not quite sure the community has embraced this sound. You see churches appreciating songs originating mostly from places like Nigeria and Ghana more than those from the UK. That says a lot.


Q)  Triumphant Radio: Esther Andrea Queen are you single or married?  

A) I am not married yet (smile)


Q)  Triumphant Radio: What inspires you when you write your songs? 

A) My inspiration are diverse. The Holy spirit gives me inspiration but mostly when I think of the greatness of God or the need of the Holy Spirit, I get inspired to write more. That’s why you might hear my songs are mainly towards that direction.


Q) Triumphant Radio:  So Esther, who or what are your greatest influences, role models and mentors, spiritual leaders?

A) Musically, Tasha Cobbs and Maranda Curtis. As a matter of fact some of my friends nicknamed me Andrea Cobbs (laughs).  My mentors are My pastor Pst Nathaniel in the comission i belong to and Pst Roland Zadi (back home). however I also follow women of God like Pst Sarah jakes and Pst Funke Adejumo.


Q) Triumphant Radio: Your last words Esther Queen?


A) I just want to encourage everyone out there that Jesus loves them and no matter the challenges you have been through, you can still break forth in praises. Lastly I cannot over-emphasize the need to have the Holy Spirit as your helper…He is always there to help you. So call on him.


Q)  So how can your fans reach you on social media or if they need you for events, how can they reach your management team? 

A) I am on Facebook Esther Andrea Queen , Instragram  @esther_andrea_queen.