Your long awaited song now ready!! Onyenyeakamo will be dropping this weekend !! As we celebrate the season to dominate the New Year in the prophetic. Psalm 121 Speaks about “Help”, and help mean laying hold of, complete Release, a ministration of Aid, bringing the right aid in time… Which means Antilapensis in Greek. This day I prophesy in the name of Jesus that every where your helpers are, now to begin to locate you in Jesus Name. A divine phone call that will make your 2017 finish with a mind blowing testimony, begin to receive it now. John 5:8 a man by the pool of Bethesda met Jesus who as being in the place of no help for years met the divine encounter (Jesus) transformation, healing, breakthrough, began to explode in is life… In the name Jesus receive help that will be your new song in 2018. The Israelite said in the book of Psalms 60: 11 , give us help from trouble for vain is the help of man. I prophesy receive help this day in Jesus Name. Amen.

Onyenyeaka drops Sunday 24th, December, 2017
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