…The just shall live by his faith.

Habakkuk 2:4

Faith commits God.

Wherever faith goes, God performs. Luke 1:45.

Faith charts the path that the power of God follows. Luke.17:19; 18:42.

God can do all things, but will only perform to the measure of your belief. It’s unto you according to your faith

Faith is intoxicating.

You can’t believe and not show it in your speech and attitude.

You can’t believe it and not behave it.

Your faith determines your state.

It moves one who believes to act. Mark 5:25-30

Intoxication is final evidence of faith.

Faith puts you in charge of everything that charges against your faith in God.

No door is shut against faith.

It quenches all fiery darts.

It subdues all opposition.Hebrews.11:33-35

–           It attracts followership of humans and help from them. John.2:11, Exodus.19:9

Men of faith are men of fame, because they get exceptional results.

The world follows a man of faith.