Learn How to Pray – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Prayer

Don't underestimate the power of prayer. When I talk about prayer, I mean talking to God just like the words on this page are talking to you now. I am not talking about saying The Lord's Prayer or a standard, memorized prayer.


The Lord's Prayer, taken from the Gospel of Matthew Chapter six and verses nine through thirteen, is a prayer that is used throughout many religious organizations. In my church, which is Presbyterian, we recite The Lord's Prayer during our worship service.

Femi Fasan – ‘S’oro Mi Dayo’ [Turn My Situation into a Joyous One]

The single - S'oro Mi Dayo [Turn My Situation into a Joyous One] is a prayer in a song dedicated to the King of Kings Jesus Christ.


''Every human being will experience a challenging situation once in a while.''

''At that moment, when you are fully persuaded that God is the only solution to the issue, you will certainly find yourself in a "S'oro Mi D'ayo" prayer state.''

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