“Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities”- Acts 3:26

God made a covenant to Abraham, which does not only stop with Abraham, but extends to all mankind on earth. That covenant is a covenant of blessing. It says in thy seed shall all the nations(kindred) of the earth be blessed. And all mankind are that kindred and nations of the earth. Meaning a blessing has been conferred on you and I through the seed of Abraham.

And that seed is Jesus Christ. In and through Him shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed. Without that seed (Jesus Christ) we can’t enjoy this transition and continuity of the covenant made with Abraham.

It’s a covenant of blessing. It’s available to all mankind on the earth. And it has its fulfillment, in Christ Jesus, according to the quoted scripture above.

The fundamental and foundational package of this blessing is clearly stated, God sent Him(Christ) to die for the sins of all mankind and raising Him up again for our redemption and justification. This turned away all mankind from their iniquities. What a great blessing!, a blessing of making all mankind sinless. A blessing that took away every barrier between man and God. A blessing that gives room and authority to us to enjoy all that is of God.

This blessing is available to all mankind, through the seed of Abraham(Jesus Christ). Believe in Jesus Christ with your heart and confess Him as the Lord with your mouth and you will be part of those enjoying the blessing of being forgiven of all iniquities. And if you are saved in Christ Jesus, stay conscious with a renewed mind of this blessing, by the help of fellowship with His word and in prayer, by the Holy Spirit, let God work in you to live out this life, let it be your mindset, see yourself as the blessed, you are under no curse in Christ Jesus, talk as the blessed, life and resources in Christ Jesus is for us, Glory!!!.

DECLARATION: Thank you God for the blessing you made available for me in Christ Jesus, I receive this blessing with thanks and I live a blessed life in Jesus name.