“Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD”- Ezekiel 37:4

The Spirit of the Lord rested upon Ezekiel and took him to the valley of dry bones to show him the miracle that the spoken words can bring about. He not only show him such miracle it can bring about, but it was also recorded so that we can learn from it and maximize it for our profit.

Ezekiel prophesied by the spirit of the Lord, through the spoken word and the miracle of life and creativity happened.

That’s what our words are. The Almighty God created the whole universe by the spoken word.

Our words are creative, because they are spirit and life on their own.

By the words of our mouth, we can create, achieve and change things in a farther distance from us. When we speak out the word from our mouth, we are sending and establishing our spirits and desire at the place where that word is directed to.

Our words gives life and kills, which ever way we use it because it is powerful and spirit. What we use it to declare will determine what we will see.

Engage the power of your words, speak by the spirit of God, speak what God has said and is saying, speak the scriptures, speak right, don’t speak the situation, but speak the change you want. You are sending your spirit to effect the change and give the life.

Nothing can stop the word, change things by your word in the name of Jesus and by the spirit of God.

DECLARATION: My words are powerful, they are spirit and they are life, I use them rightly to the glory of God in Jesus name.