GODLY IMPACT FOR TODAY (Saturday, June 25, 2016)


“And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin”- 1 John 3:5


Oh! Glory to God for evermore. Every word of God is by all means true and our reality, so when we see those truths, there is a way a joy and rejoicing springs up within us, because we are seeing who we are.

One of those truths, which is our reality is what see in the above bible verse.

He (Jesus Christ), was manifested to take away our sins. Our sins here means all our wrong deeds; the ones we were born into as an inheritance, because when Adam sinned, all men sinned, as we were all in Adam and the ones we committed ourselves, in the past, present and future. Jesus Christ manifested to take them all away, isn’t that great?, what a love from the father, expressed in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ did this, by the reason of His blood, for His blood washes away all sins. The blood was shed once and for all, so your sins and mine are taken away once and for all. We are not living with the consciousness of sins again, but with consciousness of a holy life that has forgiveness, because of the blood. Oh! Glory to God.

Also, because the works of Christ is a complete one, Christ did not only manifest to take away our sins(deeds). It is also our reality that in Him is no sin(nature). See the word in Him, that’s talking about we the believers and all that will yet be identified with Christ at salvation. At salvation, we were made to be in Him. So in Him, that is in us the believers is no sin, no nature that wants to commit sin again, we are now partakers of the divine nature of Christ, which is holiness, lived out by the word and spirit. It was the cross of Christ that did this, our old and sinful nature was crucified and a new life emerged. The cross was the end to our sinful nature and the beginning to a holy and new life. That’s why in Him- in Christ, in us, there is no sin.

These are our reality, we are to believe it and confess it eternally that as a believer my sins are taken away and there is no sin in me and we will see ourselves walk in it physically. Glory to God.


DECLARATION:  As a believer, my sins are taken away, in me there is no sin, I live holy and righteous, because I’m holy and righteous, thank you Jesus.


©Oluwaleke Ifeoluwa

Godly Impact