“He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”- Psalms 107:20


God having everyone on earth in His mind and doesn’t want destruction of any kind sent everyone His word, for their healing and deliverance from destructions. This healing is more than healing to physical bones and body, but much more importantly a spiritual one, that deals with the sins and sin of mankind, delivering them from it and the destructions it will bring and ultimately giving them a fellowship with God in righteousness, all based on Gods love for all mankind and Christ Jesus was the the word that was sent. Christ Jesus was the expression of Gods love for us. His blood and the cross was all He used to heal and deliver us from our destructions.

His blood healed us, by dealing with our sins, washing them away and remitting them. His cross dealt with our deliverance from destruction by crucifying our sin (the sinful nature or Adamic nature in us) to the cross to give us a new life in Christ that we can live by and live out.

God loves us, Christ Jesus is the expression of this love. God has sent His word so that no one will be destroyed, until you receive this word- Christ Jesus, by believing with your heart and confessing Him with your mouth, you can’t be healed and delivered.

Any man’s deliverance is in believing and confessing this finished works of love, not by your works.

I have received the sent word already and I’m healed (of all my sins washed away) and delivered (from sin), Glory to God, you also receive this word to be healed and delivered on the platter of grace.


DECLARATION: I’m healed and delivered from destruction by the sent word of Gods love, thank you Jesus.


©Oluwaleke Ifeoluwa

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