“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”- 1 Corinthians 15:57


Victory has been made available for all. This victory guarantees our help to come out as a conqueror from everything or anything that we may be facing. With this victory every battle is not a thing to fear, but something to rejoice at because it’s another opportunity to show who we are and what we have.

At the face of this victory temptations to be involved in one sin or wrong doing will be overcomed gallantly. This victory is always able to do Gods will and overcomes the devil’s will. This victory is one that conquers flesh and the devil, no matter how strong they are. This victory is what the devil can’t withstand.

This victory was obtained for all by Christ Jesus and available to be effective in all through Christ Jesus.

Once you are identified with Christ Jesus, you are been handed over the victory. You are a Victor in Christ. The victory is now yours to use it to dominate in all things. As somebody that is identified with Christ, you are to be winning, not losing, you have the victory already. That temptation to sin or glorify the flesh is not meant to overcome you, you have the victory over it, just know this and let it have expression through you. Submit to the workings of God in you and through you.

Through grace you have been given victory in Christ Jesus, so fight from victory, and keep living victoriously above all things, casting down everything that is not in line with the word of God that wants to exalt itself in thoughts, imaginations and nature against what the word says by the help of the word and the spirit.


DECLARATION: I’m victorious, victory is mine, I fight from victory, Christ has given me this victory and utilize it always above all, thank you God.


©Oluwaleke Ifeoluwa

Godly Impact