A TRUE PSALMIST from Minster Nathaniel Bassey’s page After a telephone conversation with a pastor friend, and testimony about this man of God, I was convinced I had to write this. We live in a time when people, especially the younger generation are in dire need of mentors and role models. The music ministry is one sphere where this is quite critical. There’s been heated debates and articles about the music ministry lately, but this one is not for that. It’s very easy to celebrate glory, but shy away from the accompanying story. Today, this man’s songs are sung practically around the world. With testimonies following his music ministry. In fact many know his songs than they know him, and that’s because of his conservative and quiet approach to life. But you see, it’s not just his music that makes him who he is. It is his heart. I have known, Bro. Wale Adenuga, who also pastors a parish of the RCCG on the mainland side of Lagos for a few years now. He is not just an anointed psalmist, pastor, prolific writer with a creative mind. He is much more than that. He is one with an impeccable character. Consistent and committed through the years. When you meet him, you immediately meet his simplicity and genuineness. He is just real. Now these are values that are not so celebrated in our time, unfortunately. And particularly in our ministry. As many are carried away by charisma, talent, razzmatazz and swag. But I pray this would change soon. I spoke with a man this morning who was his pastor, and he shared a testimony that moved me so much to write this. As far back as 1995, pastor Wale had been serving as a praise worship leader in a church, and one he pastors presently. He served very faithfully. Now, this is important for those who just want to become stars overnight. Record a single, get a few radio air plays, get a manager and begin to charge huge sums. This man served. That’s why I’m afraid of people who have not served, or not been accountable at some point in their lives. Those who will not follow, have no right leading. They become dangerous folks. Anyway, there was this invitation he got in 1995 or so, and he didn’t want to go, because he wanted to be in church. The pastor then asked him to go, and he obeyed. Getting there, the guest speaker came up, called him out and said, obviously by the Spirit, “When you got this invitation, you did not want to come, but because you came, God said He will honour you.” I can imagine how freaked out he must have been hearing this. Years later we know and sing songs like TODAY O, LORD BECAUSE OF ME, YOU ALONE ARE WORTHY LORD, and many more, but may never know the stories and sacrifices behind these songs and life, because you don’t separate the songs from the life. We have both shared some experiences which we just laugh over. Sometimes, because of his values and principles, he has been poorly treated in some places. Based on his pedigree and calibre He could also ask huge sums and put up heavy ministry requirements before he shows up. But his heart of worship and love for The Lord constrains him. Instead, he sets up various platforms to inspire the younger generation of worshippers and musicians. Most times, at little or no cost. Some lessons to learn from this testimony: 1. Accountability – as gifted as he was ( and is), he was accountable to a pastor. We have many musicians today in church who want to go it solo. They are Lord over themselves. They call their shots, without recourse to any form of guardians or authority in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, there is negative control. There are some people out there who just want to control one’s life. But by and large, I encourage musicians and psalmists to have some form of mentors and leaders in their lives. And also a local church where they can serve and be of use. Imagine if he didn’t obey his pastor when he was asked to go? We may never have known of Wale Adenuga today. 2. Faithfulness and service – No need speaking so much on this. It is as simple as WHAT YOU SOW, YOU REAP. you want to be served, you serve. I was privileged to feature on his last live recording which should be out anytime soon. Deep and spiritual stuff. So why am I doing this? Simple. To celebrate God’s grace in this humble psalmist who has touched our lives over he years. And also celebrate what he stands for. Character, Integrity, Excellence, The Spirit and true worship. Many times people talk to me about role models and mentors in the music ministry. THIS IS ONE RIGHT HERE. I don’t know how he would do it, knowing his busy schedule, but this is one man the younger generation needs to follow. And he’s got to find a way of passing these values across to us. Normally as humans, we tend to celebrate people when they are gone. But hey! He is still here and going to be here for quite some time. Today is not his birthday or wedding anniversary, non that I know of. It’s one I have put aside to celebrate a True Psalmist, one that my generation can emulate and follow.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206435724431966&set=a.1254345998816.2039709.1234552946&type=1 Please celebrate a TRUE PSALMIST – PASTOR WALE ADENUGA. Please help share this as much as possible to encourage and inspire someone out there. Let’s spread good things, rather than spread scandals. This is good. God bless you