Finding it difficult to forgive those who’ve hurt you? Understanding God’s grace can help.
—Daniel 4:5

In April 2005, many Americans and the world heard the story of the “runaway bride,” Jennifer Wilbanks. The thirty-two-year-old Duluth, Georgia, resident disappeared just days before her six hundred-guest wedding was to take place. Her family and fiancé, certain she had been kidnapped, pleaded for her safe return, and the missing bride became a national story for the major news media. When she turned up alive, the truth was revealed that the bride-to-be ran because of “certain fears” that controlled her life.

Most of us would say, “Well, she should have talked to her fiancé or her pastor instead of running away.” But how many of us easily confront our fears? You may not have ever physically run away as did Wilbanks, but I bet emotionally there are things you’re running from. You’re constantly looking over your shoulder trying to keep whatever you’re afraid of from catching up with you.

Satan loves causing people to dread and avoid confronting unpleasant issues, because he knows that he loses power when his lies are confronted. Even though a lie is not true, it becomes reality for the person who believes it. Don’t believe the lies Satan tries to deceive you with.

Lord, expose the lies that I’ve believed and that give strength to the fears that harass me. Shine Your light of truth on them and break their deceptive power. Amen.